When I saw the sunset last night (depicted in the photo), I was moved to share it with you. While posting it on social media, the prayer below emerged. I engage in spiritual practices daily, that include prayer.

Before reciting the prayer, take 3 deep cleansing breaths. Breathe into your body fully, pause, then elongate your exhale. Normalize your breath. Call Light to yourself and let this Divine light flood your body. Light is a consciousness that follows your intent. Feel it permeating your cells. Send the light into the earth and out into the world. Fill the earth, humanity, the animals, plants, waters and all life with your loving light. And then recite the following prayer, slowly and deliberately.

Great Spirit, who whispers the song of life into my heart and consciousness, I thank you for your abundant blessings. May I remember your wisdom and light, as I walk each day. May I bow in reverence to the beauty of your exquisite creations and speak, think and act with nobility. Remind me to serve life with an open heart, as a hollow bone…a clear channel of your love and light. May all beings be blessed with peace; love; joy, wisdom, prosperity and grace. May the earth return to her sacred status and all life flourish abundantly. Help me to be a noble steward of this sacred planet and all life. I bow in gratitude for your exquisite presence in my life.  Mitakuye Oyasin, Aho