Lori serves as a bridge between the world of Spirit and the physical world.  Lori’s focus is on providing insights about your soul purpose, life lessons, past lives and insights from Spirit. Whether you select an Intuitive Consultation (Soul Reading), Soul Healing, Spiritual Mentoring or Spiritual Psychotherapy, Lori always becomes a hollow bone, allowing the Divine to bring through the healing and guidance necessary to serve your highest good at the time of your session.

Intuitive Consultation

Lori will bring you intuitive messages from the realm of Akasha to provide insights about your soul’s purpose;  current life challenges, opportunities and lessons; past lives and guides that help you.

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Soul Healing

Lori engages in the powerful practice of shamanic healing to retrieve and heal fragmented soul parts; clear unwanted energies and restore harmony to your whole energy system.  These sessions lasts 1.5 – 2 hours.

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Spiritual Mentoring

Lori will meet with you to discuss your goals, seek Divine guidance and help you navigate a path in growing spiritually, achieving specific outcomes, developing your intuition or healing. Spiritual Mentoring is offered as a package of six session, within a 3 month period. Lori always works in collaboration with Spirit to support your journey. Sessions can be done in person or via zoom or Facetime.

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Spiritual Psychotherapy & Integration

Lori draws from her expertise in intuition, shamanism, humanistic psychology, energy healing and ethical collaboration with benevolent helping spirits to support clients through healing, self-awareness and acceptance; meaningful self-care, effective change and holistic thriving.

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Intention for Individual Sessions

I work with clients ready to receive the highest level guidance, communication, connections from Divine Spirit that surpasses expectation, limitations of belief and truly serves the highest good for all concerned.

I work in deep collaboration with the Divine Light and Divine Helpers to ethically and clearly serve, support, uplift, inspire, empower, heal, guide and hold sacred every aspect of every consultation with every client, in all directions of time.

I call to all clients who are willing and ready to show up with an open heart, willingness to grow, enthusiasm for receiving insights, guidance, and messages that promote healing, soulful expansion, compassion and love in their hearts and the world.

Every encounter is an encounter with the Divine, the sacred and is offered from the purity of my higher soul and heart as a hollow bone for the Divine to flow through with clarity of purpose. May everyone with whom I work receive infinite blessings of loving light, healing, restoration and grace in mind, body and spirit. May I be a pure channel for the Divine in all interactions. May I bring forth the grace of Divinity to support, nurture and bring heaven to earth in the mind, body and spirit of all beings and the souls of those in Spirit.

I serve as a shamanic medium, a soul retriever and an Akashic guardian and guide to bring through the messages that the Divine deem most significant to your spiritual evolution at the time we meet.

If you are drawn to me, trust that the Divine will work through me, as I am a hollow bone for the Divine Light, working service of your highest good . Be willing to release your intentions, attachments for outcomes in our sessions to allow your heart to remain open and your soul to receive the messages, healing and gifts presented that may surpass your expectations.

Some sessions will bring messages from loved ones, some will bring insights about your soul; sometimes you’ll hear from Spirit guides, Angels and Masters. As you remain open to this exquisite encounter, your soul will receive whatever is needed at the time of our session. This will allow the highest level guidance to emerge for the benefit of all concerned.

The above are my soulful intentions in service to you. I thank you for trusting me with your sacred soul-self as we discover how Spirit wishes to serve you.