Lori is the founder of Sacred Balance Academy of Healing Arts with a Master of Arts in Clinical and Humanistic Studies and rich background in shamanic practices and integrative healing.  She serves as a bridge between the world of Spirit and the physical world to bring insights about your soul purpose, life lessons, past lives and insights from the Divine and loved one’s in Spirit. Whether you select an Intuitive Consultation, Soul Retrieval or any other event or service, Lori always becomes a hollow bone, allowing the Divine to bring through the healing and guidance necessary to serve your highest good at the time of your session.

Intuitive Consultation

Lori works in collaboration with Spirit by channeling Divine Guidance and connections with loved ones through the Akashic realms. Sessions may include messages from Spirit (loved ones and/or Spirit Guides and Angels); insight about life concerns, lessons, paths for healing; past lives and ways to realize your highest potentials for thriving in mind, body and spirit. All sessions are offered via phone, Facetime or Zoom and for one person only. No exceptions.

Soul Healing, Energy Clearing, Soul Retrieval

Lori provides in-depth Shamanic Healing, Energy Clearing & Transmutation, and Soul Retrieval by working in collaboration with Spirit to retrieve and heal soul fragments, repair your energy field; remove imprinted energies and restore balance. Lori will meet with you to discover your concerns and then commune with Divine Helping Spirits to discern the healing that will serve you best.  If guided to perform a soul retrieval, energy clearing or other soul healing, Lori will enter shamanic journey to work in collaboration with Spirit to serve and promote your healing.

A Soul Retrieval Healing session lasts 90 – 120 minutes.
Soul Retrieval may require several sessions. 

Soul Retrieval is the oldest healing practice on the planet. It is sacred healing ceremony where Lori works with Spirit to provide healing at the level of the soul. Lori will share guidance from Spirit for how to integrate the soul parts returned and work with the power returned from this healing.

Soul Retrieval addresses soul loss. Soul loss occurs when trauma is experienced and the soul or energy becomes trapped, blocked or fragmented. This trauma may have occurred at any point in this or other lifetimes, but the adverse impact remains. Soul loss leaves an individual feeling lost, dissociative, empty, stuck or incapable of surpassing the impact of the trauma in a physical, emotional or spiritual way. Soul Retrieval addresses what western psychotherapy, medicine or basic energy healing cannot — though it should not be done in lieu of such healing approaches, when warranted. Lori was initiated by her helping spirits in this sacred healing practice and has been practicing soul retrieval for nearly two decades.

When you need a clarity, insights, wisdom from the Divine, Lori provides a fifteen minute intuitive consultation to ease your mind and heart. Bring questions or open to receive what the divine has to say about your situtiation. Lori will guide you with sound, intuitive assistance on  important decisions, and for intuitive support. DO NOT use this session for Mediumship to connect with Spirit as, Lori will stop the session and you will forfeit your fee.

Shamanic Soul Integration & Follow Up Soul Retrieval

Lori provides shamanic healing to support you through soul integration, embodied living and thriving.

In a tradiational shamanic culture, you would have received a soul retrieval within 3 days of any trauma. The shaman or medicine person within a shamanic culture recognizes when soul loss has happened and will advise the community to support the impacted individual or individuals. In our culture, we endure trauma often without validation, empathy or intervention. Many of us enter therapy and receive support, but not alway shamanic or energetic support to augment our healing journey.

A Soul Retrieval works best within an ideal environment, where you receive ongoing support. This can be from your community, wellness practices and psychotherapy. Often, after a Soul Retrieval, you may benefit from ongoing shamanic and intuitive support too.  This can include additional soul retrieval(s), shamanic journeying for integration and guidance, energy healing and spiritual coaching.  Lori will work directly with Spirit to discern the best sacred medicine for your healing and thriving.

Intention for Individual Sessions

I work with clients ready to receive the highest level guidance, communication, connections from Divine Spirit that surpasses expectation, limitations of belief and truly serves the highest good for all concerned.

I work in deep collaboration with the Divine Light and Divine Helpers to ethically and clearly serve, support, uplift, inspire, empower, heal, guide and hold sacred every aspect of every consultation with every client, in all directions of time.

I call to all clients who are willing and ready to show up with an open heart, willingness to grow, enthusiasm for receiving insights, guidance, and messages that promote healing, soulful expansion, compassion and love in their hearts and the world.

Every encounter is an encounter with the Divine, the sacred and is offered from the purity of my higher soul and heart as a hollow bone for the Divine to flow through with clarity of purpose. May everyone with whom I work receive infinite blessings of loving light, healing, restoration and grace in mind, body and spirit. May I be a pure channel for the Divine in all interactions. May I bring forth the grace of Divinity to support, nurture and bring heaven to earth in the mind, body and spirit of all beings and the souls of those in Spirit.

I serve as a shamanic medium, a soul retriever and an Akashic guardian and guide to bring through the messages that the Divine deem most significant to your spiritual evolution at the time we meet.

If you are drawn to me, trust that the Divine will work through me, as I am a hollow bone for the Divine Light, working service of your highest good . Be willing to release your intentions, attachments for outcomes in our sessions to allow your heart to remain open and your soul to receive the messages, healing and gifts presented that may surpass your expectations.

Some sessions will bring messages from loved ones, some will bring insights about your soul; sometimes you’ll hear from Spirit guides, Angels and Masters. As you remain open to this exquisite encounter, your soul will receive whatever is needed at the time of our session. This will allow the highest level guidance to emerge for the benefit of all concerned.

The above are my soulful intentions in service to you. I thank you for trusting me with your sacred soul-self as we discover how Spirit wishes to serve you.