Lori approaches Soul Healing as an Intuitive Practitioner and Shamanic Medium. During this type of session, Lori will meet with you to discover your concerns and then commune with Divine Helping Spirits to provide soul-level healing through the ancient practice of shamanic journeying.

What is soul retrieval?

When we experience trauma of any kind, we may feel shut down, detached, fragmented, and separate from their body. This response is how the soul protects us from enduring the full impact of a something painful. Soul loss is the result and while the initial stage of soul loss is meant to be protective, enduring soul loss will become problemative for the individual.  A Soul Retrieval is the oldest healing practice on the planet. It has been practiced for over 40,000 years by shamans and medicine people in almost every culture around the world. 

A soul retrieval addresses the soul loss resulting from trauma. An experienced Intuitive Practitioner or shaman will travel into the realms of Spirit to bring the lost soul-parts back to the individual. Intuitive Practitioners and shamans are capable of entering into a deep state of consciousness, knowing as theta, at will. They go into a Divine Realm, to work with Spirit directly, to heal your energy, find soul parts, address trauma, and relieve the barriers that pertain to soul loss.

What happens when a soul gets “lost”?

I have conducted over 30,000 soul retrievals in my professional life.  The soul leaves the unsafe environmet by retreating into another dimension. The soul part does not return without intervention. When soul loss occurs it impacts our mental, emotiona and spiritual health until the retrieval is complete. The soul parts will be in another dimension without realization that the trauma is over or the individual has changed their circumstances. Soul loss can happen during a major traumatic event, witnessing trauma or over time, through very stressful situations.

Signs of a soul-loss include…


Depression, hopelessness, loss of purpose, low-self-worth and persistant sadness are telltale signs of a soul loss. Soul retrieval should not replace medical and psychological treatment but can significant augment healing when other modalities are included.

This encompasses a variety of felt experiences, including feeling a sense of purposelessness, feeling directionless, or worthlessness.

Difficulty adjusting

Inability to move past a significant loss, change or trauma will reflect soul-loss that requires intervention.


A persistent feeling of being disconnected from self, life, others. This can include being in abusive relationships, unsupportive work environments, toxic dynamics, and self-neglect and/or abuse.


Persistent use of substances, work, activities, people, places and things to avert being with one’s emotions and needs. Alcoholism, tobacco, marijuana, narcotics, prescription medications, food, sugar, caffeine, workaholism, relationships addiction, sexual addiction, perfectionism, shopping, gambling are some of the symptoms of soul loss.

Incessant negative thoughts and low energy

Anxiousness, intrusive thoughts, insomnia, fatigue, self-loathing, exhaustion not tied to overt physical issues. You will kind of listless, empty and unable to feel inspired.


Inability to make yourself a priority, self-care, or meet fundamental needs.

Difficulty being present.

Ongoing difficulty being present in everyday life, feeling in your body, feeling able to focus and feeling connected to others.

Other symptoms of soul loss include feeling:

  • Lost
  • Stuck
  • Dissociation
  • Dis-empowered
  • Shattered
  • Broken
  • Fixated or obsessed about a situation, event or individual; returning to it over and over without relief
  • Loss of memory, parts of childhood, aspects of our life
  • Disconnected
  • Numb
  • Not full alive or engaged in life
  • Chronic depression
  • Suicidal tendencies
  • Post-Traumatic-Stress Syndrome
  • Immune Deficiencies
  • Unrelenting Grief
  • Persistent addictions
  • “I’ve never been the same since that happened to me” (meant in a painful way)
  • Coma

Soul Retrieval is not a fix or a replacement for sound psychotherapy or medical treatment. It addresses the core of trauma and therefore it can enhance your healing process and provide profound shifts in experience, when the individual is truly ready to accept responsibility for their healing. A soul retrieval is a return of light to the individual. This light will impact everyone uniquely. Some clients feel more grounded and present, while others feel lighter, joyful and more connected to their emotions. Some people experience memories return and some feel a surge of emotion. Others feel capable of moving forward in a new way, while others feel a more subtle impact over time.

Soul Retrieval is a Soul Healing Session

What to expect: Lori will discuss your concerns in a compassionate and confidential setting. She will then discern, with her Divine Helping Spirits, the healing approach that will serve your highest good. From there, Lori will enter shamanic journey to engage in one of the following soul healing practices:

  •  Soul Retrieval: Lori will work with helping spirits, in non-ordinary reality to retrieve and heal soul fragments. Lori will blow this light into your energy body and seal it with a prayer, using a rattle or drum as support. Lori may guide you through a visualization to absorb the soul essence fully into your cells and whole being.
  • Power or Essence Retrieval: Lori will retrieve a power animal and/or essence that will enhance your soul healing experience, as guided.
  • Alchemy: Sometimes a soul retrieval isn’t warranted, until an energy clearing and preparation take place. Soul Alchemy is a part of every Soul Retrieval session, but not all Soul Alchemy session include a soul retrieval. Soul Alchemy describes the clearing of energies that aren’t useful and may be interfering with health and thriving, preparing the way for soul parts to be returned and integrated. This includes clearing imprinted energies from early childhood, trauma, abuse; ancestral imprints; karmic influences; vows and contracts that impeded thriving; past life interference; binds and illusions that trap energy; cellular imprints.
  •  Soul Integration: This is a follow-up session after a Soul Retrieval has been completed. Lori will enter into shamanic journey to support the integration of soul parts after a soul retrieval has been completed in another session. Lori may guide you into a meditation to support the integration of light into your system.