Personal Spiritual Mentoring and Group Spiritual Mentoring

Personal Spiritual Mentoring with Lori 

Lori serves as your Spiritual centered, intuitive guide assisting you through your healing and conscious evolution.

  • Meet every-other week, for 6 sessions to:
    • heal imprints that block you
    • navigate challenging times with greater ease
    • dive into your Akashic Records to discover: past lives, purpose, soul-lessons
    • align with your soul’s purpose and power
    • retrieve soul essence – Soul Retrieval
    • live more consciously
    • activate your higher soul’s LIGHT body
    • Manifest your best-life! 

Group Mentoring – Inspired Activation Mentoring Group

This group is for 8 participants for spiritual mentoring, healing, coaching, clearing. Each session meets once per month.

If you have had at least one session and/or attended a Light Activation Webinar with Lori, you are welcome to participate in this group.

I have created this mentoring program to assist Lightworkers and all souls committed to awakening, through the intense activation and ascension journey. This mentoring group specifically focuses on moving through challenges of 3D energies and opening to the infinite power and potential of the Inspired Heart Consciousness of the Higher Soul connecting us to 5D and beyond.
Love, Lori

Why the  Golden Heart & Infinity?  Lightworker souls have a Higher Chakra System accessed through the Inspired Heart™. When the Inspired Heart is activated with consistency, it brings the higher Monadic/Source consciousness into your body/mind. This activates your infinite power, purpose and potential as an embodied soul on earth.

The Name of our Group: We invoke the Divine Consciousness Source or the IAM sourcing our Divine Nature. I AM is our spiritual identify. Inspired Activation Mentoring acronym is I.A.M. 

Working with Source Light: We are powerful beings with infinite connection to Source. When Lightworker souls focus their intention in a specific manner, they not only amplify their personali LightBody, they manifest a group LightBody that propels profound insight, healing and manifesting in service of the highest good of all.

Invoking the Divine Laws of 5D:   3D consciousness is tied to limitation, striving and karma. By accessing our Inspired Consciousness, we invoke the Spiritual Laws of Grace. This law dominates the 4th and 5th dimensional consciousness and allows us to shift out of karmic living into one aligned with the ease of grace. Grace is accessed through Divine Beings of Light — like the angelics and specifically the Elohim, who are assisting us in the journey of dissolving and releasing all ties to karma and 3D living.

Activating The Group’s Team in Spirit. Whenever we band together to activate and serve the Light, we draw to us a Team of Angels, Divine Masters, Ascended Beings and Star Councils to serve and support us. We will work with these beings each session.

Activating Your Team in Spirit.   You are directly supported by Higher Soul-Self, I AM presence, personal guides, Akashic Guides and higher level beings nurturing your ascension journey and dharmic fuflillment (soul purpose).

Light Activation & Amplification.   We will use multiple healing practices to clear and fortify our energy fields for endurance, vibrancy and protection.

Healing and Manifesting.  Healing and Manifesting are two sides of the same coin. Our time together will focus on clearly limitations in all layers of consciousness to attune, align and allow the miraculous flow of our Inspired Activation to Manifest. This IAM  – Inspired Cosnciousness opens us to the flow of miracles.

Inspired Activation Mentoring Group Schedule

February 2021

Feb 3  –  6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. est

February 17  –  6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. est

March 2021

March 11 –  11 a.m. – 1 p.m. est

April 8 – 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. est

April 14 – 6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. est