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Are you
..ripe to launch your true path?

 ..seeking to discover or awaken your gifts?
.. ready to clear blocks that hold you back?

.. here to make a difference but aren’t sure how?

Perhaps you are seeking insight about your soul’s purpose, lessons, and the best path through them. Maybe your in a deep stage of spiritual evolution and wanting to deepen your connection to the Divine, your soul and Spirit. Whatever your reasons, if you are seeking spiritually centered wisdom, clarity and guided support, I can help. As a Spiritual Mentor, I will help you navigate life changes, spiritual growth, personal transformation, conscious manifestation and the realization of your soul’s path by combining my skills as a psychotherapist, Akashic intuitive and shamanic practitioner.

Knowing your purpose and fulfilling your potential can be challenging.
I offer a unique form of Spiritual Mentoring to clients ready to step into their authentic soul purpose & power and show up in the world as the Soul Inspired Leaders and Light-Bearers that our world needs. 

I will work with you and Spirit to design a program that is Spirit led to help you make significant change and realize your goals. This process can be 3-6 months or longer, depending on the spiritual growth and outcomes you’re seeking.

I’ve developed The Inspired Heart™ Spiritual Mentoring process with the help of my guides, to help you gain a deeper truth about your soul: your purpose, your strengths; your challenges (including: past life, core, karma, ancestral, soul loss, intrusive energy and other influences impacting you); time line influences and your conscious evolution. By seeing through the veil into your pure potential and working in collaboration with Divine guides, I facilitate and nurture you through empowering change in the most compassionate and soulful manner.

When you engage in Spiritual Mentoring with me, we enter into a spiritually focused collaboration and devotion to working beyond the ego and physical reality to serve your highest good. While appreciating the blessings of the physical world (3D experience), we work to transform its challenges to your benefit.  We tune into your current needs and goals, while accessing Spirit guidance to serve your unfolding journey. I will actively tune into the Akashic Realms to serve your growth process. The Akashic Realm is the highest level realm containing your Soul Records and the Divine Guardians and Guides pertaining to your soul’s evolution.

What does Spiritual Mentoring entail? 

  • Our first session will be 1-1.5 hours. We will meet to discuss your goals and I will enter into communion with Spirit, through a shamanic journey or through the Akashic Records to discern how to best support you in achieving your goals. You will be given insights and direction within that session.
  • We will then meet one hour every two weeks. This allows space you to act on guidance and for insights, inspirations and integration to manifest between our sessions.
  • We commit to a minimum of six sessions within a three month period, to ensure you get the greatest benefit of our work together.
  • If advised by Spirit, you may require 1.5- 2 hour soul retrieval healing session, to support your healing and growth. This additional time will count as one session only.
  • You will have access to me via email throughout the 3-month period.
  • I always work in collaboration with Spirit, will support you in using methods to enhance your journey. We will explore all avenues within your Soul Record to discern how your path can be fulfilled most easily; what actions and changes are required to achieve your desired results.
  • Our sessions are held in-person, in Lori’s office OR via zoom.

Why work with me as your Spiritual Mentor? 

I help you get results that attune and align you with your soul’s purpose, power and passion. Over the years, I’ve facilitated thousands of clients into transforming their lives into extraordinary manifestations of fulfillment, health and thriving.  I provide a unique integration of humanistic psychology with my shamanic and intuitive abilities to support clients into improved self-awareness, self-worth, self-acceptance and effective change. My soulful and compassionate approach blends the art of shamanic healing, intuitive insight, Spirit communication, mindfulness, conscious manifesting and spiritually sound practices to augment my clinical therapeutic training.  I honor Spirit’s guidance to support your transformation by also offering direct divine guidance, guided imagery, visualization, meditation, mindfulness, shamanic journeying, soul retrieval, past-life readings & healing; soul alchemy and theta energy healing!

How is Spiritual Mentoring different from Professional Coaching or Psychotherapy?

As your Spiritual Mentor I will help you clarify and achieve your goals; heal patterns that impede your thriving and support your spiritual development by looking into your Soul Records in the Akashic Realm. We will discover your Soul’s highest path; work with your helping spirits to create the best strategy for thriving; heal past lives, energetic blocks and other issues that may impeded your journey; intentionally manifest using spiritual sound methods and remain committed to serving your soul’s highest good at all times.  A spiritual mentor  lives from their spiritual core, works in direct collaboration with Spirit and shares their direct experience and spiritual attunement to serve your development. More specifically, when you state an objective, as your Spiritual Mentor, I will seek Divine Guidance on how to best serve and support you. In this role, a Spiritual Mentor I work within Universal/Divine Laws,  access soul guidance and intuitive insights; help you evolve intentionally with the greatest of fulfillment and ease. As a psychotherapist, I am trained and experienced in supporting you through challenges appropriately.

A professional coach differs from a mentor by focusing on your goals and asking open-ended questions to help you discover how you’re going to achieve your desired outcomes. Their gifts are helping you figure out your path and doing it well. The distinction lies within the approach — Spiritual Mentoring is spiritually based, intuitively led and shamanic in nature. Every aspect of Spiritual Mentoring is about attuning and aligning with the soul, whereas coaching doesn’t require such a distinction. Coaching is a useful service but not my expertise.  Spiritual Mentoring provides a unique combination of skills that bring about effective holistic results that resonate on a soul level.  

What qualifies me to serve as a Spiritual Mentor?

I live what I teach; I live what I do. And I have been supporting clients through remarkable changes for over twenty-years.  I live shamanically and intuitively; working in collaboration with Spirit. The Inspired Heart Mentoring Program comes from the passion of my heart and soul. It integrates all of my spiritual abilities, education and expertise into what I love to do most of all: facilitate others into awakening and fulfilling their soul’s purpose so that they can thrive!

My professional expertise and experience includes a Master of Arts in Clinical and Humanistic Psychology; graduate of the Harvard writing and publishing program for healthcare professionals;  The Otto Feinstein Award for Writing Excellence from Wayne State University for my research work and essay on Alcoholism; Group Leader for Beaumont Hospital Parenting Program and a Group Facilitator for Addiction Therapy in the Center for Personal Growth of Birmingham for over 15 years.  I have volunteered and worked with trauma survivors and provided over ten-thousand soul retrievals to clients on all continents. I am a featured writer for Honeysuckle Magazine and have contributed to or been featured in numerous publications including: The Detroit Jewish News, Detroit Free Press; Royal Oak Tribune; Nature’s Way. I have appeared on MI Healthy Minds TV, Soulful Living Podcast; WXYT Radio and numerous morning radio shows; On Becoming with Ann Fancy PodcastSoulful Living Podcast and many more. I was my graduate school’s class speaker and have been the keynote speaker at events around the U.S.; serve as an international retreat leader and am an international best-selling author. I have presented to audiences in Detroit, Grand Rapids; Lansing, Ann Arbor; New York; California; Costa Rica; Arizona; Chicago; Florida; Massachusetts; Maine and Maryland. I speak on a wide spectrum of topics from the most pragmatic self-care to the highly esoteric, including:: individual and caregiver’s self-care; thriving after loss; grief support; addiction recovery, intuitive development; inspired living; understanding intuition; shamanic journeying; soul retrieval as a complement to healthcare; what happens in the after-life; angels and guides; and large & small audience readings. I have been collaborating with psychiatrists, doctors, psychologists, chiropractors and other health-care providers as a soul retriever, spiritual guide and healer for over two decades.

It took courage to create my life by design. I stepped beyond my traditional training in clinical and humanistic psychology by studying with revered teachers around the globe to enhance an integrative approach to healing and thriving. Aside from direct initiations by Spirit and learning extraordinary tools and methods from my Spirit Guides, I have also augmented my training by studying mindfulness, cognitive behavioral therapy; trauma recovery; dual-addiction recovery; integrative psychology; Core Shamanism and specific traditional medicine practices with a Lakota Shaman, Shoshone medicine man, a Celtic Shaman; and a revered Yogi (shaman and yogis are not named out due to respect for these sacred traditions). I have studied Evidential Mediumship; Psychic and Angelic Development; Pranic Healing; Healing Touch, Sacred Geometry; Flower of Life; Energy Healing; Soul Retrieval; Andean Mysticism and more. I am a devoted student of Spirit and life, learning and practicing mastery of living in both worlds of Spirit and physical reality.

My combined spiritual and intuitive range, multicultural worldview and deep reverence for life’s diversity combined with a compassionate wisdom, brings a unique edge to the Spiritual Mentoring. I see this work as a deep collaboration between you, Spirit and me. This allows me to support you into authentic self-acceptance and meaningful evolution based on what you want for your life.  I am profoundly devoted to nurturing  your empowered thriving through holistic, soul-centered practices that facilitate balanced life transitions, communication, self-awareness, inner fulfillment and spiritual development. I have had great success in supporting clients over the years and live and work transparently to bring a down-to-earth, safe environment through which your transformation can fully manifest.

I have also lived through numerous life challenges and walk my talk. Whatever spiritual and life mastery I currently demonstrate: I also know what its like to feel stuck or run-over by life. I’ve been there. I have experienced early life trauma; unexpected losses of loved ones and deep disappointments in life, along with the remarkable spiritual encounters, awakenings and bliss. With a compassionate heart and passion for humor, I also work through bouts of depression and looping thoughts and have learned how to live peacefully and boldly nonetheless. As a Spiritual mentor, I bring my whole heart and soul to the table as a collaborative guide assisting you in realizing your best outcomes, based on the objectives you’ve chosen.  I am in your corner, helping to see into the core of challenges and the clearest path for transcending limits and realizing your dreams. I will guide you compassionately and consistently through your unfolding journey, with tender care, skilled mastery and authentic presence.

As the founder of Sacred Balance Academy and Healing Arts, Lori Lipten Enterprises and Sacred Soul Retreats and creator of the Intuitive Practitioners Certification™ Programs, Soul Retrieval & Alchemy Training, Shamanic Yoga, Miracle Manifesting with Lori Lipten™, The Intuitive Way™; The Shamanic Way™, The Inspired Heart™ and The Inspired Living™ Retreat Programs I bring all these tools into our work together, as appropriate.

It is my honor to serve as your Spiritual Mentor and collaborative guide through your spiritual growth. I look forward to working with you and watching you unfold your wings, shine your light brightly and evolve consciously into your highest, most loving path! May you be infinitely blessed and uplifted by your divine presence and the loving Light of Spirit always.