Most people think of me as a medium and yes, I do serve as a bridge between worlds. But in truth, I am closer to a shamanic being, who serves as an  Akashic Record’s Specialist. My guides call me a shaman who works with Spirit to bring through messages that promote healing, insights and thriving. As an intuitive practitioner, I access the Akashic Records to serve the highest good of my clients. This allows me to work as a medium, soul retriever, alchemist and intuitive guide.

The Akashic Records are the ethereal records of your soul. Each one of us has a detailed accounting of our soul within this extraordinary library existing in the Akashic Realm. Your soul’s record ensures that every thing you have experienced or ever will experience, is recorded. It reveals who you are at the core; what your soul is learning and evolving through; and how it is integrating its experiences within the physical world. It even gives insights about your experiences between lives.

The Akashic Realm is a sacred. While it records all that you have ever been, all that you experience and all of your potentials, it holds these within the highest frequencies of love, to ensure that this information is used by your soul to serve your evolution. The Akashic Records are protected by a Divine band of light beings and your specific guardians to ensure your soul’s essence and purpose cannot be harmed. These records are reviewed by you and your Divine guardians in after-life during your life review. This is a  compassionate review of your life to help your soul understand and integrate how you were able to evolve, love and serve. You will also review where you were stuck, lost or unable to move forward, without judgment or shame. You will feel loved and supported to heal and transcend the limits that daunted you in life. Your records are also reviewed while you are in the body during the time of the Fall Equinox (Rosh Hashana/Yom Kippur). This is an auspicious time of year, not dependent upon any religious view, where the veil is thin and the soul is seeking integration, healing and correction. But you can request an Akashic review at any time because these records are always accessible to you.

You plan your life in advance. It is within the Akashic Realm, that your soul lays down the foundation for your life. Here, with the help of benevolent guides and the Highest wisdom of Source, you determine the life lessons you will evolve through and the gifts you will share with the world. While you do not select every detail of your life, you do choose very specific potentials through which you can learn and grow. Think of this process like programming a computer game. You select the type of game you want to experience, the theme and character you will play. You choose the other players you will encounter and the maps through which you can “level up” or “level down”. You’ll store power, helpers, secret treasures throughout the game. Your character will have a look that serves your mission and special talents that are obvious. Some of your gifts will have to discovered as you move through the map. Certain encounters will unleash challenges or benefits, depending on how you play the game. You may load your specific game with Divine Helpers in physical form. As the player, you have the freedom to choose many ways to play and move through this encoded map. The Akashic Record is the program running in the background, giving you options within your free-will, recording your moves and guiding you into the highest possible outcomes.

Your Akashic Soul Record is your treasure chest. It contains the deepest wisdom, resources and support for the fulfillment of your purpose. Your soul’s records are like files filled with insights about who you are beneath the veil of your personality; why you chose this specific body and life path; what you came to learn and express. The Akashic Realm exists beyond the 3-D Realm of the ego. It is not confined to linear time and therefore allows us to see beyond this lifetime into past-lives, future potentials and purpose beyond our mind’s concepts. It reveals your angels, guides and power animals. It holds profound medicine, gifts and wisdom.

YOU can access your Akashic record. This is accomplished through intention and the ability to relax into a day-dream-like state within alpha or theta consciousness. Meditation and stillness practices allow you to breathe into the vast wisdom of your Akashic Records. There are many approaches to accessing your Akashic Records. When you are tuning into your soul to discern a specific path to take or when you attempt to understand what you are learning through a specific issue, and suddenly gain an insight or an epiphany: you are accessing your Akashic.

The services I provide are all founded in the Akashic Records. This is very different than how most mediums work or shaman. While mediums access the Spirit and provide important evidence that allows us to believe in eternal life, feel the loving presence of our loved ones and achieve healing, as an Akashic Records Specialist, Spirit also comes through this realm to serve the soul’s evolution. When Spirit arrives through the Akashic field, they are almost always escorted by a representative from their Akashic Spirit-Guide Team. They come to a reading of this type, to provide healing that the soul is needing at this time. This may not fit what the individual perceives they need; it will always serve beyond the ego’s expectations. Within this context, loved-ones in Spirit may talk about their life review;  what they have learned since passing; or provide insights about life that eluded them when they were living in physical form. They will provide evidence that lets you know it is actually them! If you have several sessions over time, you will notice an evolution of the Spirit through this type of session. Guides and angels may also show up too. As a reader, I’m consistently blown away by what happens in a session. I’ve witnessed souls ascend into the highest light; shift the direction of their after-life or the life of the client. I’ve witnessed souls explain details about certain aspects of the Divine Realms; share amends for hurts they did not realize they caused while alive; bring meaning to people who felt lost. I’ve met Spirits who were devoutly religious or atheist and opposed to mediums prior to their passing, now grateful for the ability to communicate to their loved ones living on earth.  Akashic Readings are a sacred encounter with the Divine, with loved ones in Spirit and the soul of all present. This is a service I am consistently awed and humbled to provide.