I am a Jewish, intuitive, shamanic medium, North American female who was adopted and has Cherokee, Lakota, and European bloodlines.

I have devoted my life to speaking out about Intuition as a natural sensory processing system that is fundamental to changing how we experience ourselves and how we interact with the world. Intuition is the language of the soul — it is the vibration of LOVE and unity. It is NOT woo-woo. Intuition is a grounded, profound reunion with one’s authentic nature beyond all conditioning.

I have spoken openly about trauma and its impact on our energy system and consciousness and why compassion and intuition are fundamental to how we heal and transform our world.

When I contemplate the situation in Israel and Gaza, I feel the layers of trauma impacting all people concerned.

  • As a Jewish person, I can say we carry the deep trauma of dehumanization, oppression, persecution, genocide, pogroms, inquisitions, crusades, expulsions, diaspora and heightened antisemitism in our psyche — our collective and individual energy fields. We are far more than our painbody, but we are on heightened alert because of it. We are keenly aware that anti-Semitism is at an all-time high and the gaslighting that continues around our collective suffering. We are frightened, triggered, angry, and want peace.
  • Palestinians carry the deep trauma of dehumanization, oppression, lost land, lost liberty, and heightened anti-Arab/anti-Muslim/anti-Palestinian persecution in their psyche and energy fields. They are keenly aware of anti-Palestinian sentiments and have been gaslit around their plight for decades. They are frightened, triggered, angry and want freedom.
Both feel victimized.
Both are suffering.
Both believe they are right and walking a moral high ground.

Suffering is rampant and it exists as trauma in the energy field.

But here’s the thing: Trauma cannot be healed through violence, vengeance or dehumanization of the perpetrator or identifying with being a victim. It cannot be healed when we gaslight suffering inside or outside. It cannot be healed when we perpetuate war — literal war and internal/interpersonal wars.

I am devoted to leaving a legacy of love through awakening and healing generational and personal trauma and helping others do the same, I do not support more war — even when I feel my own impulses for vengeance! I stand FOR peace. And I do not mean pacifism, I mean active, engaged peace. Peaceful resolutions, visions, creations that allow Palestinians and Jews to coexist in harmony.

My dream is to invite all players to pause and introduce a new step that isn’t created out of suffering and seeking to obliterate one group off the earth. I know that it is possible for every person to awaken to a higher consciousness and choose a new way. And I know in my heart there are multiple solutions that do not involve war and killing of innocent lives.

We cannot pretend things aren’t happening in the world to manifest light, love, and harmony. This idea emanating from the consumer version of Law of Attraction is a distortion and deception that perpetuates the unconscious drivers that create suffering. To heal and transform, we must see what IS through a compassionate awareness, so we can alchemize it fully. You want a high vibe? THAT is how you raise your frequency.

That includes seeing where Palestinians are oppressed and making a conscious decision to participate in ending that suffering.

That includes seeing where Jewish hatred and anti-Israeli sentiment is rampant and is at an all-time high around the world and in the U.S. That means understanding that we are primary targets for hate crimes and conspiracy theories and understanding that it is not safe to be Jewish right now.

This also means witnessing the onslaught of misinformation passing through social media as fact and fueling reactivity and division, rather than illuminating pathways for peace.

We must be willing to see how far back suffering goes and the trajectories it creates. We can become willing to heal our traumas without remaining lost in blame. We are invited to acknowledge and transform our internalized victimizations and our internalized angry perpetrator. To heal this world, we begin by coming home to our heart.

It is far easier to react to heinous acts of violence from the habit-mind. This past week I have felt so traumatized, so heartbroken I found it hard to sit with my pain without turning away or numbing out. I felt the suffering throughout my community and within my family. The trauma influencing this suffering is personal and generational. It can allow us to dehumanize the other, just as those who attack civilians dehumanize them to commit murder and other heinous acts. It allows us to numb ourselves from our own suffering or simply react from our heightened nervous system, trying desperately to recover lost power through such actions. Trauma rules the show, recreating violence and suffering until we consciously intervene and create anew.

Alchemizing trauma requires a fully engaged compassionate witness holding space for processing all the pain stored in the energy field until it is transformed. Is that easy? No. Is it far more sustainable than war? YES.


As the earth moves through Ascension, she and all beings of light that exist in the higher realms and who are in bodies are beckoning us to create a new way. They invite us to witness our trauma through our compassionate presence; to witness others trauma without judgment; to heal it on ALL SIDES, FOR ALL PEOPLE and to discover new creative solutions for peaceful living for ALL.
There are many avenues to peace. There are many solutions yet unseen. There is pure potential existing within the hearts and souls of all players in this world.
My prayer is that peace is created through our higher heart wisdom. That I do my best to be part of healing this world through my thoughts, words, and deeds. That I take responsibility when I am not doing this or causing harm. And that all beings create a world where safety, peace, harmony are not just distant ideals, but genuinely embodied realities created through every one of us.