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Intuitive Practitioner Certification


I have trained hundreds of intuitive practitioners and students in the art of intuitive living, shamanic and intuitive practices for over 17 years. And I have served thousands of clients, on every continent (yes, even Antartica), as a Shamanic Medium, Soul Retriever and Akashic Guide.  My soul’s mission includes normalizing intuition on our planet and empowering you to live a fully inspired life. Inspired living is the full integration of intuitive and psychic wisdom within the context of mind~body~spirit harmony.  To live inspired, is to live in full consciousness of your soul and the world of Spirit all around you. It brings you into full awareness of the miraculous resources available to you at all times.


Each  program I offer is a channeled gift from Spirit. My Divine Helping Spirits and I collaborate to help you discover your intuitive way through life, with greater ease, joy and fulfillment.

The Intuitive Practitioner Certification™ program is an intensive, 10-session journey into awakened intuitive living and service. This program helps you harness your intuitive, psychic and shamanic abilities into meaningful practices for spiritual development and service to others.  It is my deep honor and passion to be your guide on this sacred journey. 


Intuitive Practitioner Certification

Live Your Best Life By Going Within

10 Mentoring Sessions with Lori Lipten

I will be accepting students soon!

New program begins in 2019

Regularly $2200

As an Intuitive Practitioner™ you shift from self-doubt, struggle and wavering intuitive hunches into a loving and spiritually centered life. IPC™ empowers you to consciously show up and align with your soul’s purpose, true potential and power. 


Becoming an Intuitive Practitioner™ is a decision to live from your Soul by learning its primary language: intuition. Doing so, aligns you with your Divine essence, path, allies and potentials. When you consciously choose and create everything in your life as an Intuitive Practitioner™, you set yourself free from patterns that have held you back and liberate  your soul’s purpose to express itself throughout your life. Your intuitive muscle strengthens, wisdom deepens and your ability to live with ease and grace expands.

Having this skill provides a model for creating healthy relationships, a fulfilling and meaningful career and a thriving spiritual practice where you trust yourself deeply. You begin to appreciate the orchestrations of life, rather than resisting them. When challenges arise, your work through them empowered to partner with your supportive allies and with greater understanding of their meaning.

If you are ready to grow spiritually and change the way live and thrive, the IPC™ Program is for you!

 The Intuitive Practitioner Certification™ program combines unique intensive training of holistic, ancient and contemporary wisdom practices for energy healing; intuitive, psychic and shamanic development that serves personal transformation and the development of your ability to assist others. This program was created by Lori Lipten, founder of Sacred Balance Academy and Healing Center who has over 15 years of experience teaching intuitive practices, leading international retreats and providing shamanic medium services to thousands of clients and students throughout the world. As your IPC™ guiding teacher, Lori will be joined by expert certified Intuitive Practitioners™ to bring insights about the human energy system, shamanism, psychic development, medium, psychology, mindfulness and holistic wellness.


Are you ready to change course and realize your fullest potential?

Covers all 9 Sessions; IPC Manual, Audios & Program Materials

Payment Options for IPC

  • Option 1: Regular Rate $2300 
  • Option 2Early Bird Rate $1900 – payable within dates specified at time offered
  • Option 3: Monthly Financial Plan 


 The Intuitive Practitioner™ Program (IPC™) is a nine session program offered to those who are committed to developing their psychic and intuitive abilities for insight, healing and manifesting. Includes IPC™ Manual; Audios; Private IPC Facebook Page; video supplements created by Lori Lipten.)


*Program includes audio and video supplements. Students are encouraged to participate in all sessions whenever possible, for certification. Make-up notes and supplements will be provided as appropriate.


IPC™ Topics Include:

Basic Energy Anatomy
Development of Intuitive and Psychic Senses: The Clairs
Connecting with Spirit Allies: Angels, guides and power animals
Shamanic journeying
Reading for self and others
Akashic Realms: Records of the soul’s past, present & potential
Psychic Protection
Conscious Manifesting
Healing and service
Ethical guidelines
and more….

The program assists you in creating and implementing a robust plan for long-term spiritual growth, awareness and understanding. It enables you to use your inner compass to guide you in your journey through life, so you can do the things you love doing, surrounding yourself with supportive relationships and experience a purposeful life. It provides an ethical foundation to use your intuitive skills to serve others. 


IPC Core Values:

Everyone is intuitive

Intuition is the bridge to the Divine within you and all life. It is the language of the soul and therefore available to everyone to be cultivated into a meaningful compass for living your highest potential and purpose with the greatest ease.

Intuition is normal.

 Being intuitive or psychic is not strange, airy-fairy and does not mean “occult”. Intuition is a natural sensory system wired into the physiological, mental/emotional and spiritual energy programming designed to reunite us with our Divine nature. It is here to take us from ordinary into extraordinary living.

Intuition is sacred. 

You are a Divine Soul. The IPC™  Program is a safe, cooperative and compassionate environment to bring your innate wisdom and guiding spiritual helpers to the surface. You learn at your own pace, within an environment conducive to nurturing your essential nature. We honor the sacred within you and all life in every encounter.  

 IPC™ reveres your wisdom and truth. 

This program helps you get in touch with your truth and discover the spiritual practices for intuitive empowerment that are best suited to you. People from all spiritual backgrounds and practices have grown through the IPC™ Program. Within a consistently supportive environment, you will grow to trust your intuitive power and the highest wisdom available to you.  

Intuitive development takes time and practice to cultivate properly

This program covers a lot of ground over a 10-month period to give you time and space to practice in-depth tools and activities that build upon one another. You’ve spent a lifetime leaning on your mind and its beliefs, perhaps feeling aware of your intuition but not necessarily knowing how to trust it with confident consistency. IPC™ helps you put your soul first, develop spiritual integrity and evolve intentionally. You will develop intuitive proficiency, self-awareness and a conscious skill at living your best life.

Love is the answer to every question.  

Intuition is the bridge from the physical experience into the Divine Primordial Essence. Intuition is the language of the soul (the primordial essence) and Love is its frequency. Love heals, bridges us to the infinite wisdom of the Creator and is our primary purpose for being. 

Become an Intuitive Practitioner™ 

Discover who you truly are as a spirit!


The creator of the universe is alive inside you

 waiting for you to claim your birth right, your spiritual heritage. Let your soul essence flow through everything you do and create.


Are you ready to know yourself 

as a divine being? 

 It is time to reclaim your spiritual birthright and become the powerful creative, dynamic soul you were born to be. Act Now and enjoy the Early Bird Rate for  to have everything you need to manifest a spiritually centered life.


 Live Your Best Live By Going Within 




Praise from IPC™ Graduates:


“Not only have I consulted with Lori on spiritual matters, I have followed her teachings for several years now. She has been one of the most influential teachers (and people) in my life and I’ve had many. ” Teri W. 


“Lori Lipten is a true blessing from the divine. I can’t thank her enough for saying yes to her role in this world. Being a young adult who has had an eventful journey, one who felt alone, and always found herself at a doctor or counseling office, personal sessions and workshops with Lori are the ones that kept me going. As soon as you connect with Lori, you feel the love. I am honored to know and learn from such a beautiful soul. My yellow brick road wouldn’t be the same without her.” Jessica Z.


“I had always wanted to connect with my angels but just was not so sure until I took Lori’s IPC program. That program has changed my life completely for the better! Without these tools, I was floundering. Now I feel confident and capable of trusting my inner voice and make far better decisions day by day. She is the real deal! You’ll be so glad you took this course.”  Susan W. 

“Lori is the consummate professional. As a trained psychologist with a masters degree she’s able to assist clients in both a traditional manner but also has certain gifts which she uses with compassion and great skill. Lori is a gifted teacher and communicator, capable of transmitting to you both techniques and knowledge you will be able to use to live a more rewarding life.” Dr. Bill K. 


“I am honored to call Lori one of my teachers. She is talented beyond measure. Lori cares about each and every one of her clients and students’ success and her warmth, sincerity, and sense of humor are the cherry on top of her in- depth knowledge, education, training and experience. Lori is an integral part of the universal shift towards love and enlightenment. Lori Lipten has, simply put, forever changed my life and my heart. I am grateful for her many gifts.”  – Michelle G. 


“IPC forever changed my life” Ed N. 

When I began the IPC program, I felt very insecure about my intuitive abilities. Lori put me at ease right away and encouraged me to stay with the practices. Her gentle wisdom helped me grow beyond my discomfort into areas of growth I could not have anticipated. This course was worth it! – Charlotte W.

I was searching for a teacher and found one in Lori. Through her guidance, I discovered a world that helped me heal myself and allows me to better serve my students as a teacher. The doors that IPC opened reached far beyond my expectations. I highly recommend this program!  Sandy N.


Lori created the IPC™ program to empower individuals in all walks of life to awaken and apply their innate intuitive gifts into meaningful tools for soulful living. The Intuitive Practitioner Program® brings you back into the natural awareness and rhythm of your soulful wisdom and the benevolent, supportive allies in the world of Spirit. If you have longed to create a life of meaning; serve your soul’s purpose or develop latent psychic abilities and intuitive wisdom into understandable tools for thriving, the Intuitive Practitioner’s path is for you.


Certified Intuitive Practitioners include: Chiropractors; Physicians; Psychologists;  Social Workers; Entrepreneurs; Shaman; Lawyers; Full-time moms;  Teachers: Dancers; Artists; Reiki & Pranic Healers; Physical Therapists; Massage Therapists and more.



Soul Retrieval Training Workshop

Bring Soul Healing to others. 

If you are drawn to this level of service and have strong skills at journeying and/or accessing helping spirits with confidence, you will learn to bring this profound healing into your professional work with clients and/or others (including animals, land, places). Soul Retrieval and Soul Alchemy Training teaches you treat the effects of Soul Loss – trauma that creates a loss of self, essence, energy and connection to life.
You will learn to: 

~Identify Soul Loss 
~Track & heal Soul Essence
~Clear Energy Imprints (beliefs, energy patterns) that block thriving 
~Support clients through the healing process by creating meaningful healthy habits that nurture soul return and integration. 
~Create meaningful ceremony and celebration to support this level of service for you and those you serve.

Materials included: booklet and mp3 recordings.