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Soul Healing

Soul Retrieval

Soul Retrieval is a sacred healing ceremony where the Shaman works with Spirit to provide healing at the level of the soul. The Shaman will enter into “non-ordinary reality” or the world of Spirit, through a deep-meditative state, known as a shamanic journey. This differs from a reading because Lori goes into a trance-like state to work with Spirit in the shamanic journey, to retrieve fragmented soul essence, provide energy clearing and healing with Divine supervision.

Soul Retrieval addresses soul loss. As a psychologist and a shaman, Lori works very carefully to ask Spirit how to best serve the client. Soul Retrieval is one of the oldest healing practices on the planet and was introduced to Lori during a reading with a client over 15 years ago. During that session, her guides showed her how a client had been traumatized, inadvertently causing soul fragmentation and subsequent, soul loss. During that session, her guides told her this was her soul purpose: to retrieve soul parts and bring healing to those in need. The idea of soul loss challenged Lori’s intellectual understanding, which led her to research and study with revered shaman. Lori learned the art of soul retrieval from her guides, only to have these practices validated by great teachers of soul retrieval healing around the country.  Lori apprenticed with a Celtic Shaman for 5 years; studied with a Lakota shaman; a Shoshone medicine man; Sandra Ingerman, Colleen Deatsman and many others.

Soul Retrieval provides healing for the traumas that we incur causing soul loss, throughout life and in past lives. Soul loss impacts our mental, emotional and physical state of being in a way that can leave us feeling empty, lost, stuck or numb.  Soul Loss refers to that trauma where aspects of our soul essence are no longer accessed by us with ease. Its like blocked energy; or a void of energy. It feels like we have no ability to move forward and we don’t know why or how to make ourselves feel “whole” again.

Soul Loss happens when the Soul Essence protects itself from total or further injury by retreating into a non-physical dimension, inaccessible without intervention. We may feel lost, dis-empowered, dissociative, fragmented, shattered or stuck. We may obsess about a situation, returning to it over and over literally or through repeating patterns until it is healed fully. We may find ourselves feeling empty, hollow or devastated in a way that psychotherapy, medicine or spiritual practices alone cannot touch. We may experience a loss of memory or time and space regarding certain aspects of our lifetime.

Soul Retrieval is not a fix or a replacement for sound psychotherapy or medical treatment. It can however, enhance your healing process and provide profound shifts in experience, when the individual is truly ready to accept responsibility for their healing.

Booking a Session: we highly recommend booking a session via phone, as Lori provides soul retrieval ceremonies on specific days of the month.

The Process of Soul Retrieval:

Initial Session:  Lori will check with Divine Helping Spirits to discern the best course of healing for you.  If  soul retrieval is warranted, your first session will involve a consultation and the initial soul retrieval. Lori will describe the process, ask questions and then play drumming music and possibly a rattle. She will enter into non-ordinary reality (it will look like a meditation) to work with helping spirits that will facilitate the soul retrieval process.  The healing is done in non-physical reality first; at the energetic or ethereal level. Once the soul parts are healed and ready to be returned, The Divine Helpers will give the soul essence to Lori for return to this dimension. She will return the energy to the you, the client.  She may guide you through a meditation to support your integration and then share guidance and insights regarding your healing path. 1.5 –  2 hour session

Follow-up Session:  Lori may be guided to share that  specific actions or healing work will benefit your healing process. This may include working with a psychotherapist, doctor or energy healer accordingly. She may be guided to send you to specific types of energy healing to support you  or that an integration session or more soul retrieval work will be helpful. Lori will reveal the appropriate referrals, as guided by the Divine Spiritual Team with whom she works. Sometimes you will be referred to specialists, other than Lori.  Sometimes you will be guided to return. Each soul retrieval process is different. Remember, most of us have incurred soul loss over a lifetime. Sometimes soul parts come back a little at a time; allowing us to integrate the energies and adjust before more returns. Sometimes we need one session and feel complete. Its important to remain open to your process and allow it to be your unique journey of healing and evolving.

Group Soul Retrieval Ceremony:   A ceremony honoring all those who have had soul retrievals will be scheduled throughout the year around.  These ceremonies are open to anyone who has had a soul retrieval and moved to participate.  There is no fee associated with soul retrieval ceremonies though donations for rental spaces may be offered.  Sacred Balance plants trees in forests around the world in honor of all clients who have had soul retrievals throughout the year.

Soul Alchemy

Soul Alchemy is the term Lori’s guides call energy healing that is offered with the help of Divine Healing Spirits. Soul Alchemy is offered when Lori is guided by Spirit to enter into journey for the purpose of healing the client’s energy. This may include:

  • Clearing the energy
  • Balancing chakras and the energy system
  • Removing blocks
  • Healing past life traumas
  • Energy Activation
  • Boosting the energy system

A Soul Alchemy session begins with a consultation. Lori will scan your energy and offering healing within shamanic journey to clear away what doesn’t serve you and bring through a brighter, clearer and truer version of you!