Do you know that you have a “Dream Team” of Spiritual Allies who are devoted to supporting you in your life? There are all kinds of benevolent helpers who collaborate with you from Spirit including, but not limited to Angels, Guides, Power Animals, Elementals, Fairies, Ancestors and Divine Councils. These beings work within Universal Laws — meaning they cannot interfere with free will and only work to serve your highest good, so you will fulfill your soul’s power, purpose, and potential with the greatest of ease.

Your Allies are compassionate and helpful. They can fiercely challenge you into awakening from your illusions, revealing your blind spots, opening your heart, facing, and overcoming your fears. As you discover who they are and how they are here to serve your healing and awakening journey, you will discover their potent medicine.

All Allies will work to break you free from your barriers. They will bring you to people, places and things that empower you. They may be loving and compassionate but also challenge you through dismemberment and even perceived death (not literal) to bring you OUT of allegiance to your story and into connection with yourself as fundamental consciousness in a body.

Sometimes, our allies show themselves in the physical world — as loving supporters or as very intense challengers. They may be the person who believes in you, sees you fully and helps you heal and thrive! As challengers, they may bring you into direct confrontation with your shadow — helping you break free from shame, fear, and deceptions of self. A boss, a teacher, a partner who pulls you into awareness of your story, can be an ally in disguise, so that you libertate yourself.

Take the example from “Lord of the Rings.” When Gandalf the Gray, tells the Balrog “YOU SHALL NOT PASS” he then fights him to his proverbial death only to pass through his shadow, taken into the “place without a wound” until he is reborn as “Gandalf the White”. Thus, Balrog, who appears as a dark force — a fierce challenger — is actually an ally. When Gandalf realizes this, takes on the battle from this awareness, he releases the identification with “Gandalf the Gray” and embodies more of his true self, Gandalf the White.

Are you working with your Allies? How are they supporting You?