What does Spiritual Ascension mean? And why does it matter?

Spiritual Ascension manifests as a conscious choice to evolve your soul in this lifetime. It is a deliberate engagement with your personal and spiritual development.

While every soul is evolving, when you actively participate in your evolution, you dramatically increase your capacity to embody light. You heal karmic and ancestral imprints and free yourself from living unconscious patterns that trap you into suffering. You shift into a being who is part of LIGHTING UP THE WORLD!

Spiritual Ascension happens in numerous ways, but one significant experience is your awakening to a higher truth about reality. This shift allows yo

u to reconnect with your awareness of life beyond the physical plane and the reality that you’ve been taught to perceive as ultimate truth. Ascension means you begin challenging and releasing the beliefs and paradigms that you held tightly for so long. As these fall away, it elevates your vibration (energy frequency) and opens you to spiritual insights, intuitive expansion and mystical experiences.

As the density of the 3rd Dimension (the Earth’s current vibrational plane of reality) is breaking down and shifting, its doing so to elevate humanity into the 4th and 5th Dimensional Consciousness seeking to be expressed. We are witnessing this happening before our eyes. When you participate in this shift, you feel a sense of unity with life and less tied to having things remain the same. Even as this is uncomfortable, a deep knowing about this shift emerges. Your multi-dimensional self opens you to see how 3D isn’t aligned with your soul or the Divine Essence of life. You will notice what is and isn’t fitting that higher truth and you will feel a need to let go of all that does not fit.

Signs that you are elevating beyond 3rd Dimensional Consciousness include:

  • * High sensitivity and perceptions of Spirit and/or higher dimensions
    * Time is either slowing down or accelerating (4th D)
    * Timelines seem to be altering; less fixed
    * You feel a deep sense of purpose or calling beyond what you were trained to do
    * You sense a connection to Source or the Divine beyond religion (you may include religion, but your experiences will surpass dogma)
    * You feel less tied to political, tribal, personal identies
    * You feel a deep connection to humanity, life, earth and desire to respect and honor life with your thoughts, words and deeds
    * You are increasingly able to compassionately witness your mind, emotions, beliefs without judgment
    * You connect with an abiding love, compassion
    * You notice symbols, signs, synchronicities as meaningful communications from non-physical reality
    * You are aware of benevolent supporting Spirits who are willing to help you in life
    * You recognize soul family, soul friends, past lives, and life beyond this body
    * You feel the presence of loved ones in Spirit with greater certainty
    * You see the world as a matrix of illusions, without fear and no longer dig for “answers” from it
    * You know Spiritual Ascenions is a personal investement in your evolution and not about “big events”, ET’s showing up or “mass ascensions” or being “saved”
    * You no longer seek evidence for or talk yourself out of mystical experiences, spiritual communication, intuitive insights because you deeply trust them
    * You become aware of your ability to manifest reality
    * Your sense of purpose isn’t tied to your work, its expressed within all interactions

Humanity is going through this spiritual shift. Those who are participating, are aware of these changes and feeling it in many ways. Those who aren’t are struggling, debating, fearful or shut down. For those embracing and participating in their spiritual ascension, it can somtimes be a bumpy ride. For me lately, its been as comfortable as labor!

As we move beyond our 3D self, we can feel like we’re losing parts of ourselves, shedding our skin. This leads to a beautiful merging with our higher-self, but some days its as challenging as training for a marathon. We can feel emotional, out of sorts, questioning everything. We can feel so highly sensitive, like their’s no veil. As we merge with our soul’s higher-self (the infinite, divine aspect of our soul, guiding us through our life) our personal light-body expands and connects us with the higher frequenciess of the New Earth’s Grid or Matrirx. This will shift you out of thinking in terms of just yourself and feeling deeply for all humanity, animals and earth.

4th and 5th Dimensional conciousness resonates with a deep intuitive knowing and trusting because you feel a stronger connection with yourself as Divine Energy in a body. You no longer feel like “G-d is out there” rather, you begin to feel like: “G-d is in me, seeking to be expressed through me”. (I use the word “G-d” in the most expansive sense of LIGHT OF CREATION). As you ease into that awareness your Lightbody gets activated at a higher tone and your encoded DNA shifts into crystalline structures.These higher frequencies are very fine and resonant with LOVE. We interpret Divine energy through our human form as love, compassion, unity, intuition, bliss and awareness. We feel expansive, lighter and more connected to ourselves and everything when we allow this into our being. Intuition becomes our primary language in this state.

I’ve been speaking about this shift for years. The mass awakening of humanity is emerging through the illumination of the shadow and breaking down of dysfunctional systems created by and for 3D ego consciousness. Simultaneously, it is bringing light-bearer souls into a determination to shift away from structures of pain, into creation of new collaborative and holistic models for life. While the ego dislikes these changes, as you breathe and let go of what no longer fits, you will notice that your soul feels how vital these changes are to the thriving of humanity and all life. You will also feel that this is tied to your purpose here on earth at this time.

I have returned to the Earth to help individuals awaken and embody their light and to awaken and empower LIghtbearers, and all Spiritual Warriors to rise into their full consciousness and soundly bring their medicine to our world. I am here to collaborate with souls who are on the transition team as we shift into 4th and 5th Dimensional Consciousness and to assist people through these times by anchoring them to their intuition and LOVE. 

I will always speak the higher truth to the seductive power of 3D Consciousness while helping individuals expand into more light. I am speaking to the paradigms and beliefs that keep people tied to the 3D Matrix of karma, so they can expand into a higher Matrix of soulful love, creativity and fulfillment. I am confronting my own paradigms and inherited karmic imprints to serve my personal ascension and the ascension of my soul group. This work is intense, challenging, profound and exquisite all at once. Sometimes, I must slow down, back up and integrate this ascension. Recently, I’ve become keenly aware of how I have been clinging to the way I was serving and living because I was not yet sure I could rise into the new service and creative expressions seeking to be birthed through me. They don’t fit my “learned identity”. Truthfully, I’m still in midwifing this shift but breathing through this phase, as I open and allow the Divine to support the emergence of a new higher creative path. I know that I am here to nurture the elevating consciousness of the planet. I am a Rainbow Warrior from the Arcturian Grid pf Consciousness embodying the 11th dimensional light of illumination. [And just writing that out, is a TRIP.]

As this mass awakening manifests throughout humanity, all warriors of light will feel called to raise your vibration and assist others in doing so. In whatever way I can serve and support you, I am here to assist. This will be showing up in new offerings and means for connecting soulfully. 

We are awakening. This is happening. There will be several more intense mass energetic shifts in this year; but we are equipped for them. Ground, breathe and practice embodying your light with gentle care and willingness. Build a spiritual practice as your foundation, so you can move with this shift more easily. We’re all in this together.

With loving reverence,

© 2020 Lori Lipten All Rights Reserved.