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Spiritual Psychotherapy & Integration

Lori provides a unique integration of humanistic psychology with her shamanic and intuitive abilities to support clients into improved self-awareness, self-worth, self-acceptance and effective change. Lori’s uniquely compassionate and intuitive approach blends talk therapy with mindfulness within a spiritually centered approach. Lori augments therapy with: intuitive mentoring, spirited guidance, guided imagery, visualization, journaling, meditation, mindfulness, shamanic journeying, energy awareness and healing, to help clients reach their goals.

Lori holds a Master of Arts in Clinical and Humanistic Psychology and is a graduate of the Harvard writing and publishing program for healthcare professionals. She won the Otto Feinstein Award for Writing Excellence from Wayne State University for her research work and essay on Alcoholism; served as Group Leader for Beaumont Hospital Parenting Program and a Group Facilitator for Addiction Therapy in the Center for Personal Growth of Birmingham. She is currently a featured writer for Honeysuckle Magazine. Lori is an international retreat leader, international best-selling author and audience presenter.  Lori speaks on a wide spectrum of topics from the most pragmatic self-care to the highly esoteric, including:: individual and caregiver’s self-care; thriving after loss; grief support; addiction recovery, intuitive development; inspired living; understanding intuition; shamanic journeying; soul retrieval as a complement to healthcare; what happens in the after-life; angels and guides; and large & small audience readings.

Lori took a rare step beyond her traditional training in clinical and humanistic psychology by studying with revered teachers around the globe to enhance an integrative approach to healing and thriving. Lori has studied mindfulness, cognitive behavioral therapy; trauma recovery; dual-addiction recovery; Core Shamanism with Colleen Deatsman, Sandra Ingerman and traditional medicine practices with a Lakota Shaman, Shoshone medicine man, a Celtic Shaman; a revered Yogi (not named out due to respect for the traditions) and other revered shamanic teachers; Evidential Mediumship with John Holland, Thomas John and Tony Stockwell; Psychic and Angelic Development with Doreen Virtue; Pranic Healing; Healing Touch, Sacred Geometry; Flower of Life; Energy Healing and more.

Lori’s spiritual and intuitive range, multicultural worldview and deep reverence for life’s diversity combined with a compassionate wisdom, supports individuals into authentic self-acceptance and meaningful evolution. She provides individual sessions, groups, workshops, presentations and retreats to empower individuals through holistic, soul-centered practices that facilitate balanced life transitions, communication, self-awareness, inner fulfillment and spiritual development. Lori is the founder of Sacred Balance Academy and Healing Arts, Lori Lipten Enterprises and Sacred Soul Retreats and has developed the Intuitive Practitioners Certification™ Programs, Soul Retrieval & Alchemy Training, Shamanic Yoga, Miracle Manifesting with Lori Lipten™, The Intuitive Way™; The Shamanic Way™, The Inspired Heart™ and The Inspired Living™ Retreat Programs.

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*Lori accepts only a few clients each year. She provides a therapy-based fee for clients who commit to healing work, after the initial consultation.