A spiritually centered membership program launching in THIS SPRING!

We are going through a unprecedented shift in consciousness on our planet. This shift has been building for a few decades and we have entered a profoundly accelerated opportunity for spiritual ascension.

Ascension manifests both individually and for the whole of humanity. Ascension is the lifting away of the ego’s dominance in the human consciousness to allow LOVE to become the dominant creative force guiding our species. This is a movement away from fear, separation into a unity consciousness that breeds collaboration, harmony and thriving for all life on earth. It is birthed through the Inspired Heart — which is the higher heart chakra system within all Lightworker souls. This shift is an elevation from 3Dimensional-Density Consciousness into 5Dimensional consciousness. Shamanic beings may refer to this as the merging of Upper and Lower Worlds into an embodied LIGHT.

Being born at this time on earth as a spiritual seeker means you are part of the conscious shift. This is not an easy process through which you have chosen to incarnate and evolve. Lightworker souls have come into the earth-plane, into human bodies, to serve the elevation of consciousness on the planet. The first part of the journey requires us to awaken, inhabit the higher consciousness of our soul, illuminate our energy field until its resonant with 5D consciousness. Lightworker souls – whatever form that take (shaman, intuitives, healers, medicine people, starseeds and more) have come into this earth with a higher frequency to ascend and then guides others through this journey.

3D is not an easy realm to navigate. Suffering is the dominant frequency of this realm because the ego controls human consciousness. Humanity’s consciousness has been tied to fear, separation and a karmic loop for eons thus creating systems of competition, struggle, war and other illusions birthed from the ego-mind. Lightworks came here to transcend their personal and familial karmic destiny, elevate into their Lightbody and serve the ascension process. They came to help build the New Earth.

My work is devoted to helping Lightworkers from all dimensional origins, to awaken, embody their light and bring their soul’s purpose to fulfillment on earth so we can welcome mother’s earth 5-Dimensional Consciousness.

All my offerings are focused on this development.

Stay tune for the new membership site, social media resources and tools to support your ascension process