Calling all Lightworkers, Shaman, Intuitives, Energy Healers, Starseeds, Rainbow Warriors and Awakening Souls who are seeking community for their Spiritual Ascension Journey.

Imagine what it would feel like have ongoing community and support for navigating your soul ascension journey as a Lightworker.

Are you ready to:

Be part of a community of highly motivated Lightworkers and awakening souls who are willing to dive deep into their spiritual ascensions process and up-level their consciousness within a compassionate conscious environment?

Receive clear guidance from trusted experts who have gone before you and can share wisdom, insights and knowledge about ascension and embodiment of light?

Feel deeply held in a safe space to explore and receive intuitive inspiration, compassionate counsel and conscious connections?

Connect with the Highest Beings of Light facilitating the ascension of humanity and Lightworker souls on earth?

If you have been yearning for a safe, support system with trusted guidance to expand your consciousness, heal your limitations and ascend into your 5D Lightbody, then welcome home!

You are invited to join The Ascension Team – Lori’s monthly membership designed to help you navigate your unfolding spiritual evolution with compassionate ease and grace!

Why become part of the Ascension Team?

We are in unprecedented times. The earth is shifting at an intensely accelerated rate. While this has been happening for a few decades, the momentum has increased. Earth is shifting from the density of 3D consciousness into the 5D consciousness. This is a process through which humanity is evolving by releasing the domination of the ego’s constructs and opening to the consciousness of love, unity and thriving.

Have you been feeling it? The energy changes, time expanding and contracting; changes within your sensitivity and intuition? Perhaps you have been confused and overwhelmed the energies and various information sources, wondering who to trust on the pathway of expanding consciousness.

Navigating the spiritual ascension process can be overwhelming! Trying to do this, while living in a world dominated by 3D, facing a global pandemic, and working through intense divisive energies on the earth plane can be very harsh for the Lightworker soul.

If you have yearned for a safe mentor and community where you can safely work on healing and upgrading your energy system; nurture your spiritual development; discover new concepts and tools for living in 5D, explore the nature of reality and have competent, expert guidance and resources, this membership is for you.

Having support matters.

When I began my ascension journey, I was 27 years old and amid a personal crisis. One night while in deep pain, I prayed for help and a band of Golden Angels came to soothe my aching soul. They enfolded me in their unconditional love so fully that it opened my heart and mind and initiated my spiritual awakening.

While that experience and subsequent guidance was profoundly moving and liberating, I cannot imagine how much easier the unfolding journey would have been, had I also had a tribe of like-minded souls walking through awakening and ascension with me.

This is why I teach: to provide a grounded, expansive, deep and nurturing environment for spiritual and personal development. This monthly membership is easy to access and allows you to use resources at your convenience, expand your spiritual toolbox, learn, grow and connect all for a reasonable investment.

There are two ways to join:

Basic Ascension Portal Membership Provides

  • 30-minute Monthly energy guidance video
  • Monthly MP3 Guided Meditation You Are Intuitive Webinar
  • Discount on Events/Workshops
  • Monthly Shamanic Yoga wisdom from Ann
  • Short yoga wisdom or tool
  • Guided meditation

The Ascension Team Membership Elevates your Membership to include:

  • All the benefits of the Basic Membership
  • PLUS, you will receive …
  • Monthly Group Session on Zoom with Lori, to dive deep into spiritual Topic of the Month, commune with your Ascension Team and elevate our consciousness.
  • A Private Facebook Community of highly engaged Ascension Tribe participants that encourage, inspire, and uplift you through your ascension journey.
  • Ascension Topic of the Month – Our community will focus on a topic each month that explores spirituality, self-care, nature of reality, being highly sensitive and empathic; past-lives, soul path and more. Posts, prompts, resources and tips from Lori’s Divine Guides and other experts will support lively discussions.
  • Monthly Inspirational Email with enrichment tools
  • Live Interviews with Guest Experts discussing the topic of the month to nurture your ascension journey!
  • Ascension Team ONLY DISCOUNTS to workshops, online courses, summits and retreats.
  • Spirit Inspired Practices that help you shift from 3D consciousness into 5D with greater ease.

Guidance and Support – Am I the right Spiritual Guide for you?

It comes down to listening to your deepest wisdom: do you resonate with what I offer and how I show up?

Early Life:

When I was about 8 years of age, our teacher asked to what we wanted to be when we grew up. I stood in front of my class and said:

“I will become a psychologist because I want to help people heal what keeps them from loving. I returned to the earth, to help people love more.”

As a child, I remembered my past lives, specifically the one prior to incarnating into this body/mind known as “Lori”. I could see energy, portals and energy vortices, layers of the astral realm and beyond; sacred geometry. I knew and felt people’s pain and their soul essence. I could see into them and always felt profound compassion. I was deeply aware of life beyond what the world was teaching and knew that the systems in which we lived were not serving humanity and that I had come to help change this.

Early Adulthood:

I had a challenging upbringing and then experienced a series of traumatic events that began shattering my sense of safety and comfort in the world. As I prayed for help one night, a band of Golden Angels revealed themselves in a vortex of radiant Light. I was engulfed in their loving comfort, healing. They guided me to a path of healing that changed the trajectory of my life. They became my constant allies and showed me how to live, heal and thrive.
As my intuition become a front-and -center way of life; I began manifesting miraculous experiences. I shifted from living out of my story and constant struggle into the practice of living in alignment with my intuition. This is the foundation of my life today.
I have served as an emissary of Light and bridge to Spirit for over 20 year. This has allowed me to tap into my spiritual intuitive gifts as:

  • An Akashic Reader – reader of soul records including past, present and future lives; soul-purpose; soul lessons and gifts; soul family/group; helping spirits and insights about how to live and thrive.
  • Shamanic Medium – communicating messages from Spirit to loved ones to serve healing, insight and spiritual awakening.
  • Soul Retriever & Alchemist – working in collaboration with Spirit, I have supported the shamanic healing of over 20,000 souls, retrieving, healing and restoring harmed soul energy back to their pure potential and power.
  • Teacher – in collaboration with Spirit, I have created Signature programs to thousands of students including:
    • The Intuitive Practitioner’s Certification Program™ – a unique training that empowers Lightworkers to live intuitively and serve as professional practitioners using their intuitive skills within an ethical context to bring guidance, healing and support manifesting.
    • Miracle Manifesting – a path of manifesting miracles
    • The Inspired Heart – Activation of the Divine Energy System (Higher chakras)
    • The Intuitive Way – Fundamentals of Intuition
    • Mediumship U – Basics of Mediumship
    • The Shamanic Way – Journeying and shamanic healing
    • Soul Retrieval and Alchemy – Mastering oldest healing practice on the planet.
  • Spiritual Mentor & Psychotherapist: I have a Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology; Completed a 5 year-Shamanic apprenticeship and post graduate work in Mindfulness, Trauma, Somatic Healing, Energy Healing; Pranic Healing; Flower of Life Healing; Mediumship Mastery; Shamanic Healing; Munay-Ki. I am a graduate of Harvard’s Writing for Healthcare Program.
  • I have served as an International Retreat Leader; Keynote Speaker; appeared on numerous television shows, radio shows and podcasts; been a contributing author in 5 best-selling books; completed Master Level Research on being a Multisensory person and have offered large and small audience, group readings throughout the U.S. and Costa Rica.

But above all, I live from my Inspired Heart. I am a compassionate soul, living an intuitive life, manifesting miracles, and working through my ego’s limitations. I am simultaneously awake and ascending through my unfolding journey of being a Spirit in this body. I am a down-to-earth, passionate soul committed to living awake and unraveling the 3D consciousness I’ve inherited and adapted in order to survive this lifetime – until my higher consciousness began leading my life – while working diligently to embody the Light of my Higher Soul.
I understand the process of ascension intimately and I am here to serve, inspire and empower your ascension experience.

When does it start?  February 15, 2021?

Monthly content begins February 15, 2021 but the official launch date of the Ascension Team will be on March 1. What does that mean? The Ascension Team Facebook Community will be available for you to join, start introducing yourself and receive early content.

  • The First Group Session will be held on:
  • All Group Session will be live Zoom events on of each month at:
  • These events will be recorded.

What is the cost to join?

Gold Membership
$22 / Month
30-minute Monthly guidance video
Monthly MP3 Meditation
Gold Membership DISCOUNTS
Diamond Membership
$44 / Month
Exclusive Monthly Live Zoom Webinar & guidance with Lori
A Private Facebook Group with Lori
Live Expert Interviews
Ascension Topic of the Month
Embodied Wisdom with Intuitive Practitioner & Shamanic Yogi, Ann Fancy
Monthly Inspirational Email
Spirit Inspired Practices
Diamond Ascension Team ONLY DISCOUNTS
Ascension Founders Diamond Membership
$444 / Year
Early Bird Access to Lori Lipten Events
Founders Diamond Membership Rate for LIFE

Become a founding member of the Ascension Team and secure your low monthly price for life.