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The Death of the False Guru

The Death of the False Guru

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As we expand into the higher consciousness of 5D and beyond, the middle world is collapsing and so are all its false systems.

I have shared previously about how this shift includes the empowerment of direct revelation for the ordinary seeker. What used to be available for a select few, is readily possible for every person to experience. Spirit and the pure light of G-d can be known without an intermediary. This expansion of light means the age of the false Guru is dying.

One such example is John of God. The renowned healer from Brazil who is now facing charges of sexual abuse, rape and even more heinous acts. This shocking news reminds us that we have witnessed other revered teachers and leaders fall from grace too. As the patriarchy and other systems built on predatory narcissism collapse, so too, do its relics. Intuitively, I had an aversion to John of God while so many others revered him. Standing alone in intuitive awareness can sometimes feeling isolating and make you question your internal knowing.  But its important not to deny what your intuition tells you, even when systems seem to prop up truly gifted individuals. Whatever his specific legal case may reveal, this revelation is a symptom of how the middle world of 3D consciousness and its creations are being pulled from the shadows into the light. The darkness is losing power and making way for higher creations to manifest.

The role of an authentic guru is not obsolete, because this individual can serve a higher purpose by activating the light body of the seeker and sharing wisdom and insights that truly yield effective results for the engaged student. When this teaching role is offered as a safe stewardship of divine awakening for the seeker, it becomes a sacred contract through which constructive spiritual evolution manifests. However, within contemporary 3D consciousness there exists a plethora self-proclaimed experts who represent spiritual narcissism and are not truly embodying the light they profess to experience so intimately. As we expand and deepen our connection with our innate wisdom, power and light, we benefit by being aware of the false guru who may appear along the spiritual road upon which we endeavor to awaken.

It is possible that we may only recognize the spiritual narcissists long after they’ve done their damage.

In our local community, Beth Jaslove was recently exposed for allegedly bilking hundreds of thousands of dollars from individuals seeking her spiritual guidance and support for decades. And on a grander scale, the collapsing illusion of false gurus brings us to question: Bikram Choudhury; Osho; James Arthur Ray; John Friend; Dr. Kausthub Desikachar; Swami Muktananda, many Catholic Priests and now John of God.

The predatory behaviors of the spiritual narcissist wounds the vulnerable and leads to lasting suffering and for some, even death. No religion is exempt because the issue is not a religious one — but the consciousness that creates it.

In this age of empowered living and expanding consciousness, our awareness of the false spiritual teacher becomes an essential tool for our healing and spiritual development. We  remain centered and empowered as we are alert to this phenomenon and understand how these individuals get our attention and allegiance. And if we fall prey to their seductions, we must compassionately extract ourselves from their grip, while recognizing how skillfully adept they are at what they do.


How do you know the difference?

There are tell-tale signs of the false guru or healer. They usually trumpet their awakening or specialness as something that distinguishes them from the average person. Whether they show up as some avatar from a distinguished tradition or a contemporary version of spiritual attunment, they are all-to-often narcissistic soul-thieves living off the energy of their followers and devotees. They work hard to get a following and build their communities because they require it to validate their position. They seek attention, fame and allegiance and use titles or talents as props to bolster their self-esteem and manipulate the seeker into agreeing with their self-anointed status. They may declare themselves a Boddhisatva, Guru, Master Teacher, Master Shaman, Master Healer, Master Medium.….but whatever title they use, you’ll notice how it is anchored to their identity while they simultaneous proclaim to be spiritually free. They expect you to know that they are “owners of a galaxy” or that they have some special place in world.

If they come from the west, they may be enamored of enlightenment or spirituality without demonstrating true competency. They typically evade years of practice and study and are incapable of nurturing the process and baby-steps necessary to develop spiritually and embody light in themselves and those they teach. They are often impatient with process of healing and growth and most likely have bypassed it themselves. The spiritual narcissist may have had a handful of spiritually profound epiphanies or encounters and then determined themselves a teacher, a leader or awakened. And if you do not get this about them, they resent your unwillingness to see their enlightened value. They may over-promise by promoting quick fixes, fast healing and accelerated spiritual growth. The spiritual narcissist often lacks true depth and knowledge of emotional or psychological healing while promising these through their methods. Their look and lingo is polished and enticing, though you may feel like something is missing while simultaneously being swept up by their charm. Its common for them to behave hypocritically (for example: having affairs with students while preaching celibacy or being awake). They are slick at feeding the ego’s yearning for status and power and will use it to pull the vulnerable into compromising positions.

You may even be encouraged to listen to your intuition but harshly reprimanded if you directly question their authority, wisdom or guidance. The Spiritual Predator requires you to take them at their word, even when evidence fails to support their claims. They are insidiously adept at creating a dependency upon them. They will tell how they “see you” and hold themselves up as the gateway to your self-realization. All this happens while playing on your weaknesses or fears, taking your money and other resources for their benefit and always to your detriment.  They will get you to pay their way, while making you believe they “manifested the outcome” in an abundant universe.  No matter what else you may need, they will insist that their methods are the best for clearing you or helping you to reach enlightenment or spiritual favor.

Some false gurus create a cult around their teachings and then their dysfunction permeates the whole system. They develop an ongoing need for their specific method, teacher and approach. The cult-community feeds on your need to belong as they insidiously become the supreme authority over how your spiritual or psychological life evolves. You will be consistently urged to take more of their classes and methods, while rarely, if ever, pointing to any other resource to serve your needs.

Within the spiritually-narcissist community, most of their highest level insights and techniques are held in ‘secret’. The special esoteric information is only revealed as you become “capable” of handling the information. But make no mistake, to get the golden keys to this knowledge will cost you time, energy and money. And as you climb the ladder to your spiritual goals within the cult-system, you will be made to feel special, saved, loved, accepted and connected but simultaneously beneath the leader.


The Emerging Higher Consciousness

As we shift into a higher consciousness on the planet, the need for the external spiritual intermediary becomes null and void. Authentic teachers hold value, to be sure. But not because they are higher beings possessing something you do not have and cannot attain without their help. The truly awakened teacher serves as a guide, demonstrating their efficacy in living their spiritual gifts in the 3D world and beyond. They show us how they embody the light and how they work through their human process in doing so. They are not afraid of you seeing their shadow, because they are transparently working on its illumination. They teach what they live, without attachment to the method associated with their experience. They may understand their role, but require no special title, no special attire, no special tools or means for their direct experience with the Divine.

The awakened (or authentically awakening) teacher reflects the light of the student back to them, so as to empower their direct encounter and experience of Divinity. They share their journey within a transparency that allows the seeker to understand human pitfalls and spiritual exquisiteness. This teacher does not appropriate spiritual tools or approaches and welcomes questions about their methods and personal process of spiritual attunement.  As we learn from this type of teacher, we witness them evolve before our eyes, surpassing paradigms that may have accompanied their initial epiphany or awakened state.

While this blog invites you to remain aware, it is not an invitation to fear teachers as we shift!

Remain vigilant about the collapsing systems and paradigms and equally present to your inner wisdom along this path. We are wise to revere those who teach us how to walk the path they’ve traveled and respect our teachers’ transparency and wisdom, as we openly discover our essential power in their presence. Within the radiant lens of our authentic spiritual teacher, we feel celebrated and encouraged as we step boldly into direct encounter with the exquisite Light of Creation.

It is said that the Zen Master warns his students: “If you meet the Buddha on the road, kill him!” This shocking admonition reminds us that no true meaning comes from outside of ourselves. No other being holds the keys to our awakening.

Remember, fear nothing as you delve into the world of unfolding spiritual awakening. And remain alert. Keep your heart, mind and intuitive wisdom open to the truth. For no matter what you encounter, your awakened consciousness exists within you..

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