Last night, as I was driving home from Florida to Michigan, the full moon looked like a fiery ball of radiance filling the night sky. On my left was the setting sun, melting into the horizon and on my right was rising orange glow of the Full Moon. This juxtaposition of yin and yang energies was immensely moving. I could feel the moon’s healing light illuminating all that is ready to be seen, alchemized, and integrated within me; with the reminder of the sun’s yang energy supporting this transformation. The world reflects our inner state.

The Full Moon is a reminder of the natural cycles that invite us to live in rhythm with our truest self and all of life. She moves in and out of fullness, inviting us to meet life on its terms, and embracing the cosmic dance as we open to the immense beauty and power sourced from within knowing we are supported in every measure. This particular moon beckons us to witness and transform all that impedes our flow.

May you feel the power of the full moon and the sunlight awakening, nurturing and blessing you throughout your healing journey into wholeness.

Ways to work with Full Moon Energy

  • Meditate in the Moonlight. 
    • The moonlight represents the divine feminine energy — the yin of life. It illuminates the shadow — the parts of ourselves that remain beneath the surface but influence our beliefs, experiences and manifesting. The moon invites us into bring our subconscious into full view, gently, within the flow of natures rhthms, using the sun’s light to illuminate and empower what is ready to be seen, alchemized and embodied.
    • Meditate on the power of the moon light; your divine feminine energies, your pure self. Let the light wash over you, purifying you and amplifying what is ready to be seen and known, healed and embraced.


  • Cleanse and Charge your Crystals
    • Place your crystals under the light of the full-moon to clear, rejuvenate and restore them. They will receive a healing charge and become amplified to support you.


  • Celebrate the Divine Feminine
    • The Moon is often viewed as a divine feminine symbol throughout the world. Divine feminine energy exists within all life, all people no matter how they identify. The energies of divine fminine and masculine simply reflect the energetic dance between action and receptivity. The divine feminine energy is as powerful as divine masculine, they just work in different ways.
    • The divine feminine within you may show up as your intuitive nature. It is powerful, compassionate, flexible, nuturing, sensual and creative but you may experience this energy in a completely unique way. Embrace your direct encounter with your divine energy and allow yourself to nurture and bless yourself with self-love, self-care and self-awareness.

The reality in which we live invites us to discover the beauty of our inner world. It reflects who we are so we can bring awareness to ourselves and illuminate our consciousness, thereby, living in the flow of our divine nature.