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The Higher Self

By on Sep 1, 2018 in Intuition, The Higher Self, The Soul | 0 comments

If you are here in a body, on the earth, your soul has chosen this path. Your soul chooses the body and circumstances through which you will experience life and evolve before you are born. Your soul does not completely inhabit the body you take on. There is an aspect of your soul, that exists beyond your mind,ego, body and limiting beliefs. It expands beyond the physical body/mind called the Higher Self. That Higher Self is your guiding essence that knows your reason for incarnating and exists in complete unison with the Divine Source of All That Is.

Your Higher Self is unlimited, eternal and your devoted guide. It communicates through intuition, dreams and synchronicity. Its core essence exists as pure potential. Its role is to help you fulfill your purpose with the greatest of ease by accessing the resources meant to serve your highest good.

Your Higher Self lives in a state of unification with Source (God beyond religion). It is never afraid, it is never lost, it is never without answers and understanding of the whole. Its sees through the lens of love. That love is not the conditional human love but the energetic vibration of unification with all life. Your Higher Self exists in constant unity with life and consistent reverence for all life; even those beings which appear as anything other than lovable.

If you are on a path that is overtly spiritual, its because your Higher Self is seeking to express itself more fully within this life.

All of humanity is going through a shift. A shift that moves us into living beyond the creations of the ego and separation and into unification with our Higher Self and thus, the Divine. It brings us into the awareness of our true oneness with all life. Yes, we are all connected because we all are souls with a Higher-Self that lives in a state of unity with the Divine. The Divine exists within all of us. And that means we are all brothers and sisters. All of us — all life. Not just those you consider “like-minded”. But all.

We are all connected because we are all souls with a Higher-Self in unity with Source. All of us are brothers and sisters.

Your Higher Self is seeking to guide you. Intuition is its core language. And this intuition can be harnessed and developed to connect you with everything that will serve your evolution and enhance your well-being and thriving on earth. Your Higher Self is never in competition with anyone; and when it seeks to benefit you, it does so within a context of harmony of life.

Intuition is the language of your Higher Self.

Your Higher Self’s communication system is very sophisticated BUT it does emerge in the simplest of ways to help you. It will appear through your gut feelings, through spontaneous awareness and flashes of insight; through consistent thoughts and impressions that pull you out of your disconnected slumber and through inspiration. Your Higher Self is continuously reaching into your life to bring you into harmony within your mind, body and spirit and lift you out of suffering. It will use every sense, sign, method to get your attention and inspire you beyond limiting beliefs into the consciousness of your soul.

Your Higher Self is Divine. It lives in unification with Source and that connection with Divinity extends beyond religion and thoughts about the universe. Your Higher Self exists in the timelessness of the infinite now. When you touch those moments of peace, awe, grace, flow: you merge with your Higher Self and the Divine. You don’t have to believe in the Divine or a Higher Self to experience it, just as you do not have to believe in gravity for it to exist. Long before we knew what gravity was, it kept us on the earth. The Higher Self and Divine require no belief from you to be. Your awareness of them however, can enhance your flow as a soul having a human experience.

My purpose in this lifetime, is to bring as much of my Higher Self into this body  AND to support humanity in their awakening to their Higher Self. I do this by normalizing intuition and elevating consciousness from the ego into the loving presence of the Higher Self.

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