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The Intuitive Way

We are all innately capable of living our soul’s expression of wholeness, wisdom, joy, peace, prosperity and meaning. We know this truth, deep within ourselves, though we may have lost our connection along the way. The Intuitive Way is the invitation into embodying our spiritual nature, reuniting with our intuitive flow and honoring the Great Wisdom of a Universal Source that exists within and beyond our mind. It is remembering of our spiritual nature and the integration of spirituality within all that we do and all that we are. It is the awakening to our spiritual wisdom, purpose and power.

Intuition is our primary language. It’s the language of the Soul, of Spirit. It is the gateway to tacit wisdom, insight and truth that bypasses the limitations of the mind. It is an innate gift given to all beings equally, designed for practical purposes, as well as, spiritual awakening. It allows us to remain safe, connected, passionate, creative and inspired. It supports our living in full integration with our mind, body and soul. The Intuitive Way allows us to experience the exquisiteness of life from the mundane to the extraordinary. As we develop our intuitive system and language into a viable skill, we can experience communication with our soul’s wisdom and the wisdom of our ancestors and Spirit. We can commune with the Divine and truly experience meaning in the simplicity of life through intuitive living.

By taking he Intuitive Way Workshop you will:

  • Develop your intuition and psychic awareness for personal and professional thriving
  • Learn the Anatomy of Intuitive Processing
  • Discover and Enhance Your Current Intuitive Style
  • Meet the Divine Helpers assisting you from Spirit
  • Build your Intuitive Way Took-Kit
  • Integrate Intuition into all you do

Next Workshop November 2018. Details coming soon!