I am taking a healing sabbatical and calling it “The Sacred Pause” beginning immediately.
After a profoundly challenging series of events that began with several injuries including a secondary injury while out of the country that landed me in the ER two times, I must now make my mind, body and spirit healing my priority.
Given my devotion to service and to you, this is no easy decision. I know you wait months for sessions and I am so grateful for your willingness to do so. I know you trust me with your most healing and growth and this sacred to me. I genuinely care about each and everyone of you.
But I have hit the proverbial wall!
For so long, compassionate presence has been my anchor. But over time, it has come to feel like a distant friend — unless I was offering it to someone else. While in Chile, suffering so much physical pain, all sacred space tightened, clamping down my mind, body, and spirit as a call to “pause and heal fully”. And this is NOT the usual pattern I have followed, which tends to be “get better and JUMP BACK INTO the life I have been living.”
That will not do. I must take time to heal. So that I am completely restored to full health.
When Covid hit our world several years back, I stepped into over-drive. I began responding to every request for support which meant triple booking cclients, offering numerous new events, group readings, meditations, and workshops and all without modifying my schedule to accommodate that demand in a balanced manner. I was determined to do everything I could for our community with a “push-through” mentality that had me losing touch with my own self-care and intuitive presence.
When I fell a few weeks back, the injury and pain required me to pause. But as soon as I could, I was determined to get back to it. I then pushed myself to keep an action-packed trip to Chile. I did not see a doctor before leaving, even though I was in a lot of pain. And then I incurred another injury that led to a series of debilitating head pain/attacks (possible migraines – never had them before) that made me believe I was having a brain bleed or stroke. I truly believed I would die in Chile.
Like you, I am a Divine Soul. My heart exists as an INSPIRED Energy field, allowing me to access healing, wisdom, a profound connection with Spirit and an ability to receive clear messages from divine realms within and beyond this one perceived as our reality. I am a strong healer and soul retriever and profoundly connected to the Divine. But, I have not treated myself as I would tell you to treat yourself. And now my body has STOPPED ME COLD and is saying: “take not one more step on this path. HEAL thyself and open the space for new steps to be introduced into your life journey.”
I am committing to intentionally becoming intimate with self-care and renewal of mind, body, and spirit, so that I can truly thrive and also support you properly, when the time is right. I am leaning into a healing love existing as a pure potential, which must be nourished to seek its highest expression.

I am entering

The Sacred Pause Sabbatical.

If you have an upcoming appointment scheduled with me, please know that you will be communicated with  directly and cared for with utmost respect.
If you are in a class, workshop or program of mine, I will be communicating with you directly, so you can complete your programs. You will NOT be abandoned or needing to delay your goals!
Soul Retrieval Training is still happening in later July.
The Intuitive Practitioner Program will begin in Fall 2022, as planned. Registration opens August 1.
My guides have asked me to take 3 months off and I am breathing through this, as it is not an easy thing for me to honor. I am still going through medical tests and will know more soon, but I expect to return in September.
I apologize for any inconvenience this decision creates and I hope you will lean into these divine truths:
  • What serves the highest good for one (true divine alignment) will serve the highest good of all concerned.
  • The Divine knows your needs and cares!The Divine Universe will support you through this time in the most loving and uplifting manner.
  • If this stirs you up in any way, lean into it with compassionate curiosity.
  • Do you need a Sacred Pause? If so, how can you shape it for yourself? An hour a day, a week? A day of quiet self-care?
  • Are you willing to listen? This one has been calling me for a LONG TIME, but unfortunately, I resisted until I had ‘no choice’. Don’t wait. Listen. Nourish. Renew your mind, body, and spirit. YOU are worthy.
Thank you for your ongoing love and support. Your emails, your texts, your help and kindness have reached my heart and soul. May your loving kindness be reflected back to you infinitely.
I am holding you in the highest loving awareness. May you feel the presence of the Divine Spirit and all the universe uplifting, empowering, inspiring, and blessing you