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The Seeds of Power, Beauty and Wisdom

By on Aug 29, 2018 in Healing, Uncategorized | 0 comments

Challenges are the seeds to our authentic power, beauty and wisdom.They can reveal our true purpose when we are willing to lean in and discover what they are trying to reveal to us.  We first must leave the pop-psychology and new-age approach to easy fixes, savvy soundbites and one-size-fits all methods that simultaneously promise relief while shaming us for struggling at all. These tantalizing phrases and methods are highly seductive at first but often re-wound us and leave us feeling like we are innately flawed for being incapable of choosing happiness; functioning better; managing the overwhelming impact of trauma; or dealing with societal norms that pull us away from our authentic nature.

Healing takes time and skillful approach. Its important to be cautious about buying into the system that diagnoses symptoms without genuine context for how we are coping with trauma. We remain conscious of these red-flags, without also falling prey to the illusion that there are no real solutions for our suffering. It may take time and effort to discover the skilled professional who is ethically competent at moving beyond shaming approaches into genuine healing, but as we do, we can free ourselves from gripping patterns that tie us to more pain.  We can learn to compassionately witness the unrealistic familial and societal expectations we have adapted and the subsequent unforgiving internalized criticism of ourselves that we embody. From a noble, grounded posture of curiosity and authentic willingness to heal and grow; we shift from shaming ourselves into self-discovery and love.

It takes effort, time and consistent willingness to discover, heal, integrate and ultimately transcend the grip of our painful story. But it can be done.  And you are worth this effort. It took me a long time to know my own worth, and dare I say, I may still be unpacking that realization through my healing journey of this lifetime. But if the trauma of my past has taught me lessons, one that stands out in this moment, is the power revealed when I seek to understand with compassion, lean into their gifts hidden within the challenge and bring through the wisdom, beauty and power seeking expression through me.. 

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