From July 3-7 there will be very high frequencies of light available to support your awakening journey. These energies radiate through a portal known as the Sirius Gateway and uplevel your heart chakra so you can express more love with greater ease. A love aligned with your soul.

For those actively engaged on a Spiritual Path, these energies can be harnessed to support your awakening. Sirius is our Spiritual Sun. There will be high level surges pouring through this portal between July 3-7 that you can access through meditation, shamanic journey, automatic writing, channeling and intuitive engagement. You can also charge your crystals during this time by placing them outside overnight and then working with them in your spiritual practice during the day.

Many indigenous nation’s creation stories include coming from the Sirius Star system to earth.

Do you feel connected to Sirius?

You may have enjoyed a past life there, emanate from there or have guides from that star system.
We are changing. Humanity and the Earth are evolving into a higher vibrational energy that will reflect living from our higher heart and soul. We are supported through these changes, as the old ways of being and creating reality are being dismantled. The energies available to us are beautiful, loving, uplifting, inspiring and empowering to you as a SOUL.

Ways to work with the Sirius Gateway include:

Breathe deeply, elongate your exhale and ground yourself into the essence of Mother Earth and the Light of the Great Central Sun. Fill yourself with light and love. Let that energy expand into every cell of your body and then into your energy field. Appreciate all the blessings of your life. Call in the Divine to surround you in a protective and uplifting field of light, amplifying your light grid around your body. Then call in the LIGHT of Sirius to activate your higher soul and bring through the highest level messages and/or light you can easily integrate into your mind/body/spirit at this time. Sit quietly and receive the infusion of LIGHT from the Sirius Sun.

Toward the end of your meditation, ask for messages to come through you with ease and grace for insights and guidance. Don’t strive or force it, let go and open to whatever wants to pour through you. When you feel inspired, pick up a paper and pen and write without judging or stopping to evaluate. Let it flow. You may want to begin with a question written at the top of your page. Write until the energy ceases. Do not read it, just write. Do not filter it, just write.

Sirius energy connects with crystals and earth. You can charge your crystals in the energies of this Sirius Gateway. Leave them outside, overnight to receive the energies that will heighten their attunement. Use your charged crystals in the morning, as you meditate. Do this from July 3 – 7.

This is a powerful spiritual practice of entering non-ordinary reality for healing, insights and manifestation by working deliberately with benevolent helping Spirits. By entering theta-consciousness, you are able to access resources and guidance not readily available when your mind is in Beta — you standard waking mind. Enter shamanic journey, drum or rattle to support the opening of your higher heart and consciousness and that integraton of these finer frequencies of light.

The Sirius Gateway supports the ascension process We are supported by many Divine Helpers — Angels, Guides, Masters, Elementals, Ancestors, Councils, and many from other planetary systems who have answered Earth’s call for support in her ascension process. When you actively engage with these portals, it will help you through the destabilization process so you feel in harmony with your activations.
Please share your experiences during this Sirius Gateway with us. We would love to hear what insights you are gaining, what you’re experiencing and learn from your helping spirits too!