“We are here with you and want you to know we see what is happening within the world and through your heart and eyes and soul too. We understand the way it feels to you and we want you to know how we love you and uplift you through all times, even those situations and experiences that appear to challenge your sense of righteousness and safety. Now is a time for new beginnings. Not just for you, but for all. This means, opening your heart to a higher love and light that has not yet been able to flourish throughout humanity. This love, is a noble love, allowing a synchronicity of divine flow into your mind and body and words and deeds. This is a path of resurrecting the glorious vision of the light body and the illumination of both human consciousness and earth.  You and earth are one body. But humanity perceives herself as living separately from the earth …and believes that you’re just visitors here. This belief is humanity not understanding that you are no more separate from the earth than you are from the heaven and light of Source. All is one. There is no other in the world of illumination and truth.

Understanding this truth, you also must know that you cannot hate or disown anything that is within you or other and be free from pain. Thus, this is a time of reunion with all that is you. All that is the light. All that is. This is a path of allowing yourself to illuminate all pain in the bodies of your being, within your soul and heart –  until that pain is no longer present. Pain will transmute when it is fully seen through the heart of compassion – the fullness of an inspired heart –  for a sustained period to the point of its complete and absolute dissolution and transmutation into new iteration of light and truth. This is the glory from which you were born to create anew through your understanding of true alchemy. You have the power to be with every ounce of pain until it is fully healed and transformed into light.

We have come through to you today, to remind all light workers to learn how to navigate the changing tides of this current earth plan. This matrix is shifting. At times, it is resonating with the 3d consciousness and at times it is moving upward into 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th dimensional consciousness. You are likely wavering between these states and at times, this vacillating will feel arduous and even painful to you. You may feel as though you are stepping forward and upward; then backwards. And you may at times feel like your energy-field is become fragile. It is being bolstered by the new waves of higher light flowing into your light body (energy); the earth’s body (middle world/earth realms);  and the collective consciousness of humanity. These three are working through this inner dimensional expansion of light collectively.

What does this mean for you?

You are learning to be rooted into your light body. You are learning to live within the truth of your center that is light, rather than being rooted in the center of your story, the pain body and all that is not true.

You are learning that you are more powerful than the illusions manifesting currently in your life as confinements, binds, karma and other limiting perceptions of reality and that are perpetrated upon the masses as truths. Your consciosuness exists beyond these fear-based lies. You know this deep within you, when you calm your body and discover that truth.

You are opening to the higher light, allowing it to flow within your physical, mental, spiritual, emotional bodies in ways that alleviate all attachments to the forms birthed through the ego and that which cannot survive in the 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th dimensional light that is now being woven into the middle world – earth plane.

Your work is to:

  • Practice disciplines that elevate your consciousness into attunement and alignment with the light. daily.
  • Purify your body, mind, emotions and spirit consistently.
  • Practice speaking, thinking and acting as loving power on the earth. 
  • Practice attuning and aligning with your Inspired Heart and Soul and allow this to magnetize and manifest realities beyond all the stories of your mind.
  • Become a generator of light and light through your consistent practices.
  • Evolve beyond the soul lessons that show up only to free you from ancestral chains.
  • You are now in a liberation point that removes karma as a dictate for your life path. You are free to live beyond all karma from all directions of time as you ascend into your light body. Thus, karma and all its illusions will be dissolved through all the above practices.
  • Whenever possible, eat a simple diet of plants, and locally grown foods that bless your body with the highest vibrations, as you are shifting into the light body of your soul.
  • Fear nothing. For fear is the breeding ground of the 3d consciousness allowing you to remain hostage to a karmic bind that isn’t serving or evolving you in any manner. Instead, open to the highest power of your light, within you and all around you, allowing yourself to be lifted into this light without fear or doubt of any kind. This practice will come through all the above practices we have mentioned.
  • Spend time in natural sunlight and within nature. Become aware of the aliveness of the earth and all that she offers to you daily with reverence and awe. You will learn to walk in beauty through this practice too.


You are not who you were taught to believe you are. This is a truth beyond all others.

You are a light soul of a higher dimensional frequency and you have been brought into the earth plane to serve the expansion of light. If you are reading this, you are on this mission. Your purpose is not just to “live” as is. But to awaken the light within you, to illuminate all that is in shadow and to live free from illusion as you walk in the loving heart of your true nature. We stand with you and will assist you through this process. Be ever so kind and loving to yourself through this process. We love you. We are the Rays of Orion speaking to you in the presence of the Guardians of the Light.”

– Channeled through Lori Lipten

© 2020 Lori Lipten
All Rights Reserved.