Message Channeled April 11, 2022:

“We are here to remind you that everything you are facing is a bridge to your enlightenment. Whatever you are seeking is within you, awaiting your reclamation and demonstration on earth. It is not a mystery outside hat you seek to discover, it is a remembering that you awaken and embody. We are here to assist you through this shift in consciousness, your illumination is a daily practice of healing and transformation of fear into power. One step at a time, when you face what is daunting to you, when you see it through the heart of your soul, you bring the immense light of the divine into the realm of this planet and your lifetime here and now, so that you may rise into the power you were born to be.

Practices to support you through this time of ascension include:

  • Bathing in the prana of nature’s embrace.
  • Walking among trees as your family.
  • Gazing into the stars at night and feeling the breadth of the universe.
  • Walking on the earth as your mother.
  • Seeing into the eyes of others, with great interest in who they are and what they are saying.
  • Laughter.
  • Listening to the songs of birds as messages from the spirit of the divinity.
  • Hearing waters running through natural flow.
  • Witnessing the magic of children with impeccable care and letting their magic spark your heart.
  • Speaking to uplift
We are here assisting you through this time. The shadow’s illumination is manifesting intensely and thus all beings are facing themselves. This is the passageway through the heart of awareness and embodiment of one’s wholeness. You do not walk this path alone, for many are walking with you in the light, assisting and supporting you through the challenges you face. Each challenge is an invitation into your power. We are here to remind you of this truth and enfold you in this loving light. We love you; we love you; we love you, The Intergalactic Councils of 9, 11 and 12 with the Elohim.”