Are you feeling how the energetic intensity has gone WAY UP in the past few weeks? 

This new surge of energy is changing timelines to higher vibrational resonance and impacting how we feel in all situations of our life. We are creating new timelines for the new earth, through our personal evolution. These shifts may translate as a need to make big change in your life.

Sometimes, when energy shifts like this manifest, they may pull you back into patterns you thought you had left behind. You may feel like you have been working diligently at creating the highest version of yourself and this life while emotions from the past may return and have you feeling overwhelmed. You may feel stuck and confused about your next steps.

This is NOT because you are missing the mark. This is because as new timelines emerge, all energy associated with the past will seek to be alchemized into full potential and integrated into the new timelines that we are meant to be walking.

While these experiences can be uncomfortable, they confirm that you are part of the great shift and expansion happening on the individual level for you and the earth. This specific surge invites you to look at your inner life, to illuminate your shadow and attune your energy to your higher soul-self.

To attune to your higher soul, you witness your ego and follow your intuition. In this energy uplift, you will be drawn to creating more joy, expressing yourself authentically, working with your gifts and talents in ways that uplift you and others, and being connected to peace within you. This will also mean no longer buying into the world’s view of things and the ideas that you have been taught to believe.

Earth’s Ascension

The Earth is going through a profound shift. I have been speaking about this for years and it is continuing to up the game. Ascension is manifesting symptoms within the weather, seismic activity, and global instability.

When you view these situations through your ego-mind, fears and associated feelings may arise. But this is because living in fear, as the ego-mind does, created this world. And we are shifting out of alignment with the ego-mind and into alignment with the soul’s consciousness which is accessed through the inspired heart.

What is happening? 

The world in which we live has been created by the ego’s limiting beliefs. All of these beliefs have created the foundations of the society in which we live and all the sub-cultures within this earth-plane. All religions were filtered through this consciousness. All governments. Healthcare. Economics. Educational systems. Social norms. All of these energies flow as reflections of patriarchal and ego-based manifestations allowing imbalances to be viewed as natural, required, or important principles guiding the systems of our world. These beliefs are not sustainable, because they are not founded upon universal, divine truths.

The ego’s world is called 3D. It represents a consciousness of limitations and bias. It reflects the separation from the heart of our soul – the disconnect from our Divine nature. It cuts us off from our intuition, our innate gifts, and our purpose. It keeps the 3D world matrix controlled by scarcity, inauthentic power, and fear.

The 3D matrix is COLLAPSING. It is being revealed for what it is and dismantled. It reveals the hypocrisy, dysfunction and manipulations of all systems and ideologies founded upon the ego’s rule. This lack of integrity to the soul, this inability to serve the whole, this unwillingness to change is all part of the 3D world’s matrix. And none of it can be sustained as we move beyond the ego’s matrix into a higher dimensional expression as heart-centered, soulful creators of the new earth. 

The news and all information coming from these systems will promote fear within you. Even if they are accurate or fact-based, they are filtered through the ego’s views. That information will tell you how the world is dangerous and convince you that political unrest is caused by the “other team.” They will focus on external threats with no understanding of how these are created and what internal power means. They will quote biblical ideas to reveal how this is the end.

The goal of the ego is to maintain itself as pilot of your avatar and the collective consciousness of humanity. It is trying to hold on for life and keep you tied to your ego-mind, so you do not break free and live from your soul’s heart and wisdom. The goal of the ego-mind is to keep you hostage to is fear, to its limits and buying into its paradigms so it won’t be dismantled. NOT because it is evil or bad – but because it is simply limited in its understanding and capacity for intuitive, soulful wisdom. Its just doing its job, believing it is protecting you and us from “bad out there.”

But even the ego cannot stop evolution from happening, even if you or it resists it with all your might.

The changes manifesting at this time on earth are revealing that the collective consciousness of humanity and the Earth are elevating into higher states of expression, while the matrix created through the ego is trying to hold on.

The dismantling is not comfortable. It is like detoxing your body, feeling that discomfort, and then believing that something is wrong as you purge what does not serve you. This detox is exactly what is needed to support our shift from the 3D paradigms and awaken into the new vision of our higher selves. This is how the new earth is born through you, around you and for you.

Energy Activations

Through this process, you have been receiving downloads and activations. This energy is moving us all out of alignment with our ego’s version of reality into our inspired heart. The Inspired Heart is the gateway to your higher soul’s wisdom, intuition, creative power. It is the seat of your soul.

We are learning to live from our HEART. 

This change cannot be intellectualized. Understanding it is not enough. This is a time for dropping out of our thinking mind and into our heart. This is a time for honoring our truest feelings and letting the flow without judgment or resistance; without labeling these emotions as “positive” or “negative”.

This is about learning to BE your true self.

Your ability to LOVE MORE is being magnified.


Your intuition has to become central to how you are to live on this new earth.

Living intuitively is the foundation of the new earth. This is how our soul speaks to us. This is how beings in spirit communicate with us. This is how everything alive connects with us.

When we honor our intuition, we shift out of alignment with the ego and into attunement and then alignment with our soul — and the Divine. This brings us back to ourselves and powerful multisensory, creators of reality. This is the place we live in harmony with life. We live safely. We live in the flow of abundance, health, and joy.

Let us explore a few things about intuition.

Intuition is NOT GUT INSTINCT!

People often mistake instinct for intuition. But intuition is accessed through your multisensory being — all energy centers that reveal the lifeforce of everything to us through channels not linked to the mind or survival. It flows through you to interpret energy beyond the mind’s understanding.

Instinct is the nervous system’s response to survival. It is not tied to your multisensory being per se — it is tied to the center of the brain that keeps you safe from danger. Instinct links you to “flight or fight” reactions to the physical world, letting you know to react to danger with your abilities before your mind interprets the energy. It has power because it can keep you safe, but it can become habitual and can limit your access to your pre-frontal cortex, your creative power and potential. It keeps you in a heightened state of stress and taxes your mental, emotional, and physical body, throwing you out of balance no matter what is occurring.

Instinct is not intuition.

Intuition does not react to danger. Intuition keeps you calm and brings you clear, understandable guidance through your energy centers, so you can respond to danger from profound resources that your mind or instinct cannot perceive. It will lead you to a higher wisdom and power. It is present and fully connected to the Divine in all moments.

Intuition is never confused by the ego. It does not align with it. It will not reinforce your stories. It will not placate fears. It never believes in things that are not real, like the ego does. It is your most honest, reliable connection to divine truth.

Spiritual Practices Matter 

This is why meditation, The Inspired Heart practices, mindful breathing, manifesting consciously, gratitude, playfulness and self-care are so important as we evolve into our higher selves. All of these practices can strengthen our connection to your intuition. It builds the connection to your heart, soul and spirit and allows intuition to guide you.


Divine Surrender

This ascension process is inviting us into a deep state of Divine Surrender. The ego does not like surrender, but the soul lives in that flow. Divine Surrender is the ability to release attachment to your habit-ego-mind and all of your patterns and open yourself to that which is greater than your mind alone. It opens you to your divine intuition.

Divine Surrender is NOT giving up! It is the letting go of all that holds us back from living in the intuitive flow of miraculous manifestations.

If you are afraid of the world and all the insanity surrounding it, Divine Surrender will help. It is giving yourself and your life over to the Divine to flow through you, to inspire you, to guide you through your day.

If you are still attached to your story, to your identity, to your past, to the beliefs society has expected you to hold onto, learn to compassionately witness these ideas and open to the possibility of letting them go. By holding onto them, you will feel struggle, fear, and doubt about the world. Give all that worry, fear, resistance to the Divine — to the Creative Source of life.

And let the process be an unfolding journey, rather than an event.

The flow of miracles is here now. It has been waiting for us to claim it!

Living from surrender is the heart of how I live and what I teach. It takes practice, humility, willingness, and humor. I consider my life my spiritual practice. The more we practice, the easier it becomes. Divine surrender and intuitive flow are our natural state of being, but our ego will never believe that.

Seeing Through the Divine Eyes

Whenever I fall into the feeling of not understanding the world as it is because my ego and heart cannot understand the value of suffering of any kind — I ask to be shown the world through Divine Eyes.

This allows me to see beyond the mind’s interpretation and capture the miracles of this moment. 

When you actively live in your intuitive heart, you choose Divine Surrender, and  remember your divinity and the divinity within everything becomes apparent. You feel the gift of having the veil of your ego-mind lifted. You start feeling wonder, curiosity, and amazement much like a child. You see things without labeling them or fitting them into your mind’s meaning. You experience the direct connection with beauty and the magic of wonder.

This posture is the foundation of intuitive living because it allows your awareness to expand and your soul’s wisdom to arise into your consciousness. You will see things through a new heart, a new perspective that is not quick to fit things into categories. This brings you into direct contact with the exquisiteness of everything as if it is new to you within every situation you encounter.

Divine Eyes shows you the innocence in all things, even things that appear dark. It does not deny the dark, it shows you the whole picture and allows you to live in the question of the great mystery rather than making it fit your ego’s understanding of “how the world works” or “what that person is all about”.

Divine Eyes always reveals love as the source of life, woven into this matrix no matter how far away an energy or thing appears to be from it.


Allowing The Divine to Be Seen 

When you begin seeing the world through your heart and soul, everything becomes new to you.

You feel your heart’s loving energy. You feel the life force in everything. You stop creating stories about yourself, other people, places, and things.

You notice a keen sense of connection to people simply because your soul recognizes them.

You are drawn to certain places or a feel a strong need to visit locations that call to your soul.

You are called to deeper healing of the past.

You feel it is time to end a project, a career, a relationship.

You are moved to change the ways things are and are not yet sure how.

You may feel a need to do less, be still and allow.

When you follow these impulses, even when you do not fully understand them, you will start seeing and experiencing everything as part of this shift. You will get this as the next step in your intuitive journey, without interpreting it through your mind’s stories or fear. You will see things in a new way.

You will get that everything you feel inspired to do matters. Every little move is part of the massive shift and healing happening for all life everywhere.

YOU are part of this shift. Your intuition is pulling you into these moves by design.

If you are feeling called back to OLD places, people, and things – it is to shift the way you relate to that energy. You are called to heal what needs healing and bring that connection to it into the present, by seeing the situation or individual through Divine Eyes. You are being called to discover a new perspective. This is to close the circle of unfinished business. This act propels you into the new dimensional expression of yourself and your life with greater ease.

Collective Transformation

Everyone is being asked to heal. Everyone is a part of the collective transformation. Our individual light, shadow and collective consciousness is being revealed so we can cleanse, heal, alchemize our relationship with whatever is. 

COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS is asking each one of us to shift out of the ego’s belief system and into the understanding of reality through your soul.

This means embodying the following truths: 

  • You are innately worthy of being here.
  • You belong. You are here because you belong.
  • You are innately powerful and supported in this life journey.
  • You are multisensory.
  • You are the creator of your reality.
  • You are here to live intuitively in every aspect of your life – not just when you engage in spiritual practices, take a workshop, or get a “psychic hit” but as part of your everyday life.
  • You are here to live authentically. Your authentic nature belongs here, no matter how the 3D world reacts.
  • You must self-care daily to thrive as a multisensory being.
  • Your sensitivity is a gift. .
  • You are truly capable of acting intuitively every day.
  • You do not need to explain intuitive living to anyone else. They are here to live that way too, whether or not they get it. And you do not need them to get it for you to thrive.
  • All energy exists as pure potential within its core. Your soul’s purpose is unleashing that potential through intentional attunement and alignment that allows it into the world. That is the art of manifesting miracles.
  • Love is the essence of all that is.
  • When love flows through your energy without resistance, it creates a magical flow.
  • Speaking the truth is a sacred responsibility.
  • Integrity to your soul dismantles and alchemizes personal and ancestral karma.
  • All beings are powerful, multisensory creators, no matter how they live.
  • Soulmates and twin flames can be consciously manifested with many different souls. You have many souls with whom you can manifest a soul mate or twin flame relationship.
  • No person is broken or incapable of manifesting their highest destiny, no matter their circumstance.
  • You are part of a constellation of souls that nourish one another.
  • You are part of a constellation of souls evolving through similar energetic themes.
  • Life does not have to be hard for souls to evolve.
  • Lack, struggle, and suffering are NOT required for soul growth.
  • When you sense your soul’s purpose is  “BIG” it means living your soul’s truth with impeccable alignment. It means its “bigger than your ego-mind or beliefs understand.”
  • Having significant impact on the evolutionary process of the world does not equate with fame, fortune by ego-mind standards. It is possible to have big impact through small acts of love, kindness, compassion, and soulful consciousness.
  • Your soul’s purpose is realized through daily intuitive actions.
  • Joy is your birthright as a natural expression of your soul.
  • Love is your primary essence.
  • You are never separated from anyone, anything, at any time ever.
  • YOU are connected to everyone, everything, all the time.
  • Your life matters to this world, to the divine. to everyone and everything all the time.

For thousands of years, we have carried beliefs around money, prosperity, safety, belonging; creativity; sexuality, emotions, power, intuition, relationships, romance, connection, love, truthfulness, integrity, manifesting, imagination, intuition, consciousness, and spirit for thousands of years. Our ancestors believed in many stories that were not true. Our religions conveyed stories that are not founded upon immutable truths. Our society has believed stories and thrives on them, to sustain the ego’s 3D world.

All of the energetic patterns that have sustained us and our ancestors are coming up to the surface now, to be transformed into noble, higher truths, finally. This is amplified through these energetic surges, like the one we are experiencing this month.

This can leave people feeling overwhelmed, like the world is not safe or as though they have lost their sense of self.

The ego-mind will protect itself from being discovered as a false pilot for the soul. It will resist change, even in those who are committed to the spiritual evolutionary process. So do not judge this when your own resistance patterns arise.

YOU are so very loved and supported through all of this in all ways, even though your ego-mind cannot recognize this support or even trust that it is there.

Be gentle with yourself. Ride the waves of change, using your breath and grounding into your body as you experience these wild energies. This will help you along the way!


Remember that a lot of humanity is completely shut down and aligned with their ego and the world it has created. It may leave you wondering “is this even real?”

To live an intuitive life and participate in ascension consciously is to step outside of ordinary reality and choose to honor a far more expansive, higher truth than anything you have been taught to rely upon in our society. This is why the patriarchal systems refer to it as “woo woo” as an ongoing attempt to delegitimize the very thing that will set you free and empower you to manifest the most remarkable life possible.

People have been coming to the earth to guide us in this way of living for thousands of years. They have been known as medicine people, shamans, oracles, mystics, seers, healers, visionaries and so on. Most communities had several awakened souls guiding and supporting them in this ascension process.

Now, the earth has ramped up the ascension. Millions of Lightbeings are here, living among us, awakening just like you. YOU are part of that team of souls who agreed to remember, awaken, and live from your heart. YOU came here to live soulfully, intuitively and align with your highest truth in every way.

But you may feel stuck, lost, confused about it. You may still believe that circumstances around you decide how you can live. THAT IS NEVER TRUE. Never.

YOU are the power you have been seeking. It exists within you. The energies right now are going to reinforce your fears if you do not recognize what is happening. This energy will not hold you back. It is here to assist you in shedding the layers that hold you back. It is consistently pushing you toward living soulfully with ease and grace. Remember that people around you may not get it, but that does not make living this way “woo woo” or unimportant. There will be a time when many will say “why didn’t I see this before.” I have lived long enough to observe this shift in the past twenty years. It is happening all around us and you are an important part of this change on earth.

Miracle Manifestation is the way of the New Earth

As we move through these shifts, manifesting is the art we are going to master.

First, we are learning to drop out of our ego-alignment into heart & soul alignment.

Second, learning to honor and live intuitively.

Third, healing all imprints and limits that exist in your energy body.

Fourth, discovering and developing the art of manifesting consciously.

Fifth, embodying intuitive, heart-centered living and manifesting miracles.

Sixth, sustained higher consciousness.

Seventh, creating a new earth.

This is not a linear process. All beings are going through this.

Some ways to intentionally manifest this way of being: 

  • Learn to become a compassionate witness to all that is: you, others, life.
  • Establishing health self-care and boundaries.
  • Let go of the need to fix or change others.
  • Choose from intuitive wisdom, rather than beliefs and unhealthy habits.
  • Express yourself from your soul’s truth, authenticity, and power with honor.
  • Speak up – tell the truth. Speak truth to power.
  • Practice compassion for self and others.
  • Learn to actively listen without reactions or needing to fix.
  • Take exceptional care of your body, mind, emotions, and sprit.
  • Do not talk yourself out of your feelings/emotions.
  • Take inspired action daily.
  • Do not ruminate about the insanity of the world. Witness it through your Divine Eyes and take intuitive actions as guided.
  • Illuminate your power and shadow, within the heart of compassion.
  • Heal whatever shows up for healing, within the safety of compassionate witnessing.
  • Remember, no one is more or less powerful than you.
  • Surrender people, places, habits, beliefs, relationships that do not serve your highest good.
  • Cultivate joy and intuitive flow daily.

The energies of this time are very intense, especially for the sensitives. They are here to serve your highest good as you shed the old and open to the new. The Divine has your back. Love is here. And though the world looks unsettled, your awakening is the medicine needed at this time.

Every intuitive and loving act makes a difference. We are all walking this path into reality.

YOU are so very loved, supported and guided through this process!
Love, love, love,