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What is Life asking of me?

What is Life asking of me?

By on Jan 10, 2019 in Healing | 0 comments

When faced with profound loss, heartache or trauma….this question can shift your focus and open your heart into a realm of possibilities. While we cannot deny life’s adversities and true suffering, we can move through pain and challenges by opening to the exploration of what life seeks of us. We can ask ourselves; “How is life calling upon my innate gifts and skills to serve the world?”

This earth-realm is a challenging one. It reveals polarities and shadows seeking light. We all have moments of pain, defeat and suffering. But we can sink into the quicksand of our emotional defeat and get lost there, or we can compassionately nurture ourselves into deeper self-awareness, understanding and even full transfiguration. We can rise through adversity into a grounded sense of meaning.

When we ask, “What is life asking of me?”, we can view our suffering through the lens of the soul. We step back and see our challenges as part of a larger narrative. Your soul has chosen a body, a set of players and life-themes through which it is evolving. When you see the larger view, you can look fearlessly through this lens, to discover what your soul and life are seeking to learn and express.

As I move through big change in my personal life and support others as they do the same; this is the question I am using to guide me now. What is life asking of me? And am I willing to bring it to life?

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