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What to Expect from Group Readings

A Group Reading or Divine Guidance Circle are limited to ten participants, so that each individual is given personal connection with Spirit. The Divine is highly efficient, so if you are drawn to a group experience with Lori, trust that you are with the exact group of people meant for you. You will receive direct messages but also notice how messages to others in the group may resonate and serve your highest good too. Lori leads these groups with a compassionate heart and warmth that helps all participants feel comfortable and safe within these 2 hour sessions.

In a Group Reading, Lori focuses on bringing messages from loved ones who now live in Spirit. These message will bring identifying evidence and messages that allow the loved one to bring you comfort, insights, healing and closure. Lori cannot guarantee who comes through; but ensures that by turning the event over to the Divine, the messages you will hear are meant to serve your highest good. You will notice themes and connections within these group settings, as Spirit knows exactly who is coming together for the group experience!

In a Divine Guidance Circle, Lori accesses the Akashic Realms – the Divine Library of the Soul and brings insights from high level Angels and Guides who are devoted to serving your highest good. Sometimes, loved ones also come through during these group events. The messages may focus on soul growth, healing, how to live your best life, key relationships and past lives. Groups are assembled by the Divine, so all messages may serve you, even when Lori is speaking to others throughout the event.

Sessions start promptly, so be sure to arrive early. You will gather in the lobby before the reading and Lori will greet you and bring you back to her office when all participants have arrived. Once the event beings, late arrivals will not be permitted to enter and no refunds will be given.

Small Group Readings and Divine Guidance Circles can be organized by you. If you live in southeastern Michigan, groups will be held in Lori’s office. If you are interested in hosting a Small Group Reading or Divine Guidance Circle in your city/state, please contact us at 248-219-5982.