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..Lightworkers, Shamanics, Starseeds, Energy Healers, Intuitives, and all Awakening Souls!

We are going through a unprecendented shift in consciousness on our planet. This shift has been building for a few decades and we have entered a profoundly accelerated opportunity for spiritual ascension.

Ascension manifests both individually and for the whole of humanity. Ascension is the lifting away of the ego’s dominance in the human consciousness to allow LOVE to become the dominant creative force guiding our species. This is a movement away from fear, separation into a unity consciousncess that breeds collaboration, harmony and thriving for all life on earth. It is birthed through the Inspired Heart — which is the higher heart chakra system within all Lightworker souls. This shift is an elevation from 3Dimensional-Density Consciousness into 5Dimensional consciousness. Shamanic beings may refer to this as the merging of Upper and Lower Worlds into an embodied LIGHT.

Being born at this time on earth as a spiritual seeker means you are part of the conscious shift. This is not an easy process through which you have chosen to incarnate and evolve. Lightworker souls have come into the earth-plane, into human bodies, to serve the elevation of consciousness on the planet. The first part of the journey requires us to awaken, inhabit the higher consciousness of our soul, illuminate our energy field until its resonant with 5D consciousness. Lightworker souls – whatever form that take (shaman, intuitives, healers, medicine people, starseeds and more) have come into this earth with a higher frequency to ascend and then guides others through this journey.

3D is not an easy realm to navigate. Suffering is the dominant frequency of this realm because the ego controls human consciousness. Humanity’s consicousness has been tied to fear, separation and a karmic loop for eons thus creating systems of competition, struggle, war and other illusions birthed from the ego-mind. Lightworks came here to transcend their personal and familial karmic destiny, elevate into their Lightbody and serve the ascension process. They came to help build the New Earth.

My work is devoted to helping Lightworkers from all dimensional origins, to awaken, embody their light and bring their soul’s purpose to fulfillment on earth so we can welcome mother’s earth 5-Dimensional Consciousness.

My signature programs and all of offerings are focused on supporting you through this development!

Ascension Consciousness Webinar 
Embrace Your Soul’s Power & Purpose

January 31, 2021
10:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. 
Held on Zoom*
*Recording will be made available after the session
26061 Franklin Rd, Southfield, MI 48033

Calling all Lightworkers, Starseeds, Shamanic souls, Energy Healers, Intuitives and spiritual seekers to Join the Ascension Consciousness Team workshop! 

Have you been wondering about what is happening on earth and how you fit in?

This workshop will explore the shifts on the earth plane and give you tools for navigating the ascension journey.

You will learn all about: 

Ascension  – what it is and how it works

Breaking-free from the Ego’s/3D Consciousness

What intuition is so vital to this shift

Global Awakening of Consciousness

from 3D consciousness up to 5D consicousness

Individivual Awakening Process

Who am I in all of this? 

Am I a Lightworker, Starseed, Shamanic or something else? 

What type of Soul am I?

Why am I here at this time on Earth? 

What role am I playing in the shift from 3D to 5D?

What is the Matrix?

What are Timelines and how are they operating through this shift? 

What does an ascension journey like for individuals and the collective?

What is the New Earth all about? 


A bonus E-book about Ascension written by Lori Lipten

Tools for navigating the Ascension process

~ An opportunity to become part of Lori’s new
Ascension Team

~ A Monthly Ascension Team Gathering (on Zoom)

**for community, connection, healing and empowerment**

~ Gain easy access to ongoing offerings

~ New monthly tools to support your journey 

Awakening The Inspired Heart™

This signature program of Lori’s helps clear the blocks within your energy field to open and activate the higher chakras of the heart and crown and the light body, thus allowing intuitive development, healing and inspired living to flow without impediment.  Awakening The Inspired Heart™ workshop unlocks the doorway to the portable paradise you carry within your heart and soul. In this unique program, you will engage in a series of guided practices that introduce you to your Angels, the Archangels, the Guardians of Light and your Higher Soul. You will learn how to release stored energies that impede thriving; attune to higher frequencies of love, joy, healthy and prosperity; and awaken the potentials within the Light-Body of your Soul.  According to the Divine Guides with whom Lori collaborates, living from the Inspired Heart™ is how we will create the new earth of higher consciousness.

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The Shamanic Way™: An IPC™ Level 2 Program

For graduates of The Intuitive Practitioner Program™, The Shamanic Way™ is one path to level-up as an Intuitive Practitioner. This unique program invites you into the deepening of your practices through an organic blending of shamanism, intuitive practices and mysticism to enhance and further your gifts as healer, guide and visionary. If you are longing to take a deeper dive into your personal transformation, birthing you inner shaman; deepening your connect with helping spirits; working with your helping spirits to enhance your spiritual embodiment; masterfully live in two-worlds and engage in shadow work to transform wounds into light, this program is for you. You will also learn Soul Retrieval, Creating Ceremony and methods for healing the earth and your community.

Pre-requisite Intuitive Practitioner Certification with Lori Lipten.

12 Month Program begins in January 2020

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The Intuitive Practitioner Certification Program™

Are you ready to step into your intuitive gifts, awaken your spiritual abilities and thrive personally and professionally? Lori’s unique signature program is designed to help people just like you, who are sensitive, empathic and ready to develop your intuition and other spiritual gifts into life enhancing purposeful skills. This 10-month journey will deepen your connection to your soul, accelerate your spiritual growth and make intuition an accessible tool for personal and professional thriving. You will meet in-person, one Sunday a month; receive live webinar support in-between class time and connect with a soul community that will nurture you for life. The program covers an understanding of the energy system and energy management; psychic attunement; mediumship; intuitive insight, fundamentals of shamanism; conscious creation, best practices for personal and professional services as an Intuitive Practitioner™.

The Intuitive Practitioner Certification Program™  runs from October – June.

The next Intuitive Practitioner Certification Program™ begins October 4, 2020. Registration begins in July 2020. 

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Introduction to Shamanic Journeying

Shamanism is one of the oldest spiritual practices on the planet and has practical applications for living the complex modern world.  In this course, you will safely learn the fundamentals of contemporary shamanism; how to engage in art of shamanic journeying;  how to understand the world of power animals, power spots and spirit guides; how to effectively collaborate with benevolent helping spirits for healing, guidance and living in flow; how to let go and allow your spirit to travel into Divine realms; how benefit from shamanic journeying to serve your health, fulfillment and soul purpose throughout your lifetime.

Lori has been teaching students about the art of shamanic journeying and what it means to bring ancient wisdom practices into a contemporary life for nearly two decades.


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Soul Retrieval  and Soul Alchemy Training

Are you called to support the recovery from Soul Loss through the ancient healing art of Soul Retrieval and Soul Alchemy? A Soul Retriever is one who enters non-ordinary reality at will, to commune with Divine Helping Spirits and collaborate in the healing process of clearing, tracking, retrieving, healing and restoring fragmented soul parts into the one dimension that your client is now living in. This addresses the symptoms of soul fragmentation by treating its cause. A Soul Retriever supports the client in assuming responsibility for their healing, nurtures the integration of returned soul parts, conducts energetic clearing and alchemy as directed by Spirit and provides the framework for a renewed capacity to thrive.

Soul Retrieval Training is a rigorously life-changing intensive, that teaches the art of clearing, soul alchemy, tracking, retrieving, integrating, restoring soul parts effectively and ethically. You will learn how to create a Soul Retrieval Ceremony or practice that suits your orientation. Lori was initiated as a Soul Retriever by Spirit, trained by her Helping Spirits and have also trained with revered soul retrievers from diverse wisdom practices around the globe.

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