Contemporary Shamanic practices reflect the oldest spiritual traditions on our planet. Dating back at least 60,000 years and found on every inhabited continent, shamanic practices are a non-religious way of interacting with the world as a living, breathing expression of the Great Mystery. No matter your religious orientation, you can weave shamanic practices into any religious or spiritual practice to deepen your connection to your soul, your wisdom and the Divine.

A Shaman is an individual who is able to effectively collaborate with Divine Spirit to serve the highest good of her community. A Shaman serves as a bridge between the world of Spirit and the physical, to bring through healing, practices, guidance and blessings for those she serves. Shamanic practices can be found on every inhabited continent and the origins of the world’s religions.

Shamanic Journeying is the fundamental tool of the shaman for gaining insights, healing and soul work. But anyone can learn this valuable tool to enhance their lives! I have been using shamanic journeying as a means for serving my community and have been empowering students from all over the world, to use this basic practice to live their best lives.

Do you want to discover the sacred art of Shamanic Journey? Join me for this introductory workshop, to awaken your innate connection to the Divine.

Discover the sacred practice of Shamanic Journeying within a safe and nurturing environment. This introductory workshop will provide you with the fundamentals of shamanism and shamanic journeying.

Shamanic Journeying is the intentional practice of entering into a meditative state for the purposes of:

  • Connecting with compassionate, benevolent Spirits, Angels and Guides who assist us in healing; evolving; gaining esoteric and practical wisdom; understanding spiritual truths; the art of manifesting; fulfilling our purpose and serving life.
  • Discovering the non-physical realms of Spirit that hold gifts (medicine) for the physical world.
  • Restoring harmony to individuals, animals, communities, homes, professional environments, ecosystems, the elements (water, air, earth…) ancestors, families and the planet.
  • Engaging in soul-work including but not limited to healing, guidance, tracking and manifesting.

Shamanic Journeying is a useful tool for people of all walks of life. You do not have to work as a shaman, be a shaman or long to practice shamanism to engage effectively in this life-changing tool.

Shamanic Journeying is the art of deep meditation for communing with the Highest wisdom, divine guidance and healing.  Shamanic Journey invites you to nurture a sacred relationship with your soul’s wisdom, your divine helping spirits and the sacred gifts of life. In Shamanic Journey, you will engage in a practice that feels much like creative visualization, though the ability to “visualize” is not a requirement for successful journeying.  You will learn how to relax into a state where answers to questions for healing, insight and manifesting are provided.  You will discover the power and sacred gifts of helping spirits who yearn to assist you in living your best life.