Pre-requisite: Completion of Intuitive Practitioner Program™

This program takes your shamanic practices to the next level. If you have completed Intuitive Practitioner Program™ this programs The Shamanic Way™ is mentoring program with Lori Lipten for the student who is drawn to deepening shamanic understanding and developing contemporary practices for healing, ceremony and services to the community.

In this program you will learn to:

  • Birth, embrace and nurture your inner shaman with honor and nobility
  • Create a strong connection with your helping spirits and learn to walk in two worlds
  • Develop your personal medicine wheel, light body and work with your Divine Dream Team
  • Establish strong intuitive and divination skills
  • Work with Nature, the elements, the fairies, elementals, nature spirits, and soul essence of all things
  • Enter into shamanic states and journey competently in all worlds
  • Connect with the Angels, Master Teachers, Akashic Guides and councils; Guardians of our galaxy; the Rainbow Nation and other Divine Teams of Helping Spirits.
  • Competently engage in shamanic soul retrieval
  • Access your Akashic Records, understand soul lessons, clear karmic patterns, move into conscious manifestation competently
  • Build a conscious matrix for healing and personal evolution
  • Break through self-limiting realities, deconstruct ineffective realities in all directions of time; move into empowered thriving as the personal hero/heroine of your story
  • Cleanse, heal, transmute wounds at all levels.
  • Shift from ego-identification into higher an embodied higher self
  • Shape-shift and vision quest for personal transformation
  • Connect with the deepest wisdom and take your rightful shamanic place in your medicine wheel
  • Activate your Inspired Heart and Light Body and your Higher Mind into a unified state and viable system for living in all worlds as a Divine Being, simultaneously
  • Create ceremony and ritual for personal development, healing, clearing and blessings for self and community
  • Heal and transform spaces and places
  • Honor, serve and live as a member of your Divine Council as a light barer and warrior for healing the world