Within us all exists a doorway to unconditional compassion, love and oneness. The energy center within the heart center of the body, known as the Heart Chakra*, unlocks the seeds to fundamental empathy and compassion for all life. But within this center is a higher frequency known as the Inspired Heart© or the Higher-Heart Chakra. This exquisite energy center is the seat of the Higher Soul. When activated intentionally, it supports the unification of the chakra system and builds a fluid, intuitive bridge to intuition, love, meaning and service.

Chakra is Sanskrit for wheel of light. A Chakra refers to the ethereal energy organs of the body.

In this introductory workshop, you will:

  • Learn powerful and practical tool for living in synchronicity with your soul.
  • Discover how to feel and active the energy of your Inspired Heart©and bring its extraordinarily positive influence into your mind, body and spirit.
  • Experience how your activated Inspired Heart© has a similar impact to mindfulness, on the brain and body chemistry.
  • Enhance your capacity for compassion; non-judgmental engagement; serenity, equanimity, love, and higher consciousness.
  • Boost your intuition, patience and your ability to heal.
  • Nurture you capacity for soulful action and holistic choices that support wellness.
  • Elevate your speech into impeccable, heart-centered communication.
  • Improve your connection to your Divine Helpers who assist us from Spirit: Angels, Master Guides, Benevolent Helpers and our Higher Self.