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You deserve to Heal!

You deserve to Heal!

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Ever feel like you’ve lost your MOJO or you cannot get over an incident? Perhaps you feel like no matter how hard you try, you cannot seem to move forward or feel better, even when you’re doing all the right things or it seems like you “should” be able to do so?

You may be experiencing Soul Loss.

Soul Loss is understood within the indigenous cultures of the world as a response to trauma. Within this framework, trauma is viewed as impacting the essence of the soul by fragmenting to protect the individual from absorbing the full impact of a painful occurrence. When Soul Loss is appropriately addressed, the individual will move through their healing well and integrate the lessons learned from the experience within a compassionate community. When left untreated, problems arise.

Soul loss often happens in response to physical and emotional abuse; sexual abuse, ruthless bullying; a bitter divorce; shocking betrayal; sexual assault; surgery; car accident, violence; disaster or war. Adoption or parental abandonment within the primary years can create soul loss that leads a legacy of suffering. Sometimes the trauma is far more subjective and personal. Its important to note, that not all trauma leads to soul loss – though it is more common than not.

Soul Loss is not often accepted or understood within the western model of psychology or medicine. And it is in no way frivolous, simply because its not integrated into the mainstream. Shaman have addressed soul loss for thousands of years, within almost every indigenous culture on the inhabited continents.

Soul loss is an adaptive mechanism that allows the individual to cope through painful experiences. In clinical terms, we call this dissociation. From a shamanic perspective, the soul fragment will dissociate and absorb the bulk of the trauma (extreme emotion, shock, pain) to help the individual get through the situation. When Soul Loss is addressed, the shaman will perform a healing ceremony called a Soul Retrieval. This practice allows the shaman to safely bring the soul essence back to the individual, heal their energy and support their healthy integration and thriving.

Soul Loss is not addressed by energy healing alone. Though many energy healing practices can support the integration of soul return, they rarely address the soul loss directly.

Symptoms of Soul Loss manifest as feelings of:

  • being disconnected from oneself,
  • feeling empty or lost;
  • having blocked or lost memories;
  • sudden loss of mojo, inspiration or motivation;
  • feeling apathetic or listless;
  • feeling stuck;
  • feeling obsessive about a subject, situation or person.

Sometimes Soul Loss presents as:

  • foggy mind,
  • inability to make decisions,
  • strong reactions to seemingly innocuous situations,
  • difficulty moving forward,
  • self-sabotage,
  • loss of humor or joy;
  • emotional desensitization or feeling “shut down”.

Persistent Soul Loss may lead to feelings of overwhelming despair; suicidal ideation or tendencies; addictions and depression.

A Soul Retriever is an unusual transpersonal healer within this earth plane, working in non-ordinary reality to promote thriving in those they serve. Within the indigenous world, they are revered as a specific type of shamanic individual, with the ability to work directly with Spiritual Allies to track soul parts, find them, return them and restore the individual’s soul essence back to their being. A Soul Retriever helps an individual reclaim what was lost while holding that individual within the heart and lens of deep, compassionate witnessing. They view their client as a whole, courageous being who has survived significant pain. A Soul Retriever will appear as a light worker to some, but they are truly the shadow workers* of the world.

— *Shadow workers are the fiery warrior type, who help us identify the shadow within ourselves and bring it to light. The Shadow isn’t the “bad” side of ourselves. Its the hidden, lost, wounded, traumatized, disowned, denied or unclaimed power within us. Shadow workers may seem deep, dark, mysterious sometimes and even come off as intense. They can be relentless in pointing out our darkness or the darkness of the world. Shadow workers have to work very diligently not to get snagged in the darkness of the work they do and the power they wield. They are here at this time on the planet, to help bring the shadow into the light and heal the illusions associated with duality. While light workers are all “love and light”, shadow workers see the darkness every day within the work they do. They feel the suffering of humanity. A Shadow Worker will hold up the mirror, even when you wish they’d only reflect your light, so you can free yourself from your distortions and live your fullest potential.

A Soul Retriever is not a common type of healer but most needed for those who have endured trauma and are willing to heal their soul loss. Soul Retrievers do not fear the details of suffering. They understand it and help bring that pain into light, to free those bound by trauma. When Soul Retrieval is offered, the recipient will feel their vital essence returned to them and be guided in how to integrate this energy into overall thriving well. Its my experience that Soul Retrieval is most successful within a fully integrative approach to healing and thriving.

Soul Retrieval can be done in person or even from a distance. I came to discover this practice while doing a reading many years back. During the session, my guides showed me how my client’s soul had fragmented and told me he needed a soul retrieval. I had never learned of such a thing in graduate school 😉 or anywhere else and it challenged my perceptions of reality! “How could a soul fragment or be lost?”, I wondered. My guides told me during that session “this is why you returned to earth, Lori, as a soul retriever.” After our session, I googled the term only to discover it is the oldest spiritual healing practice on the planet. From there, the same helping spirits who taught me how to do mediumship and Akashic Readings, also taught me how to to Soul Retrieval. They led me to qualified teachers, with whom I studied for many years.

Many psychologists, psychiatrists and doctors have entrusted their clients and patients to me for soul retrieval (or mediumship) as part of their treatment and healing journey. A Soul Retrieval addresses soul loss and may be done in a two-hour session, though it may require more than one session to support the full healing process. Each case is unique. I work with Spirit directly to discern the best path in serving the course of healing for my client. I only schedule soul retrievals on specific days and not through my on-line scheduler. You can contact me at lori@lorilipten.com if you believe you are in need of a soul retrieval or want to learn more about this sacred healing process.

Soul Loss is serious and leads to suffering. You deserve to be free from this pain. If soul retrieval can help, it can bring you a sense of peace and power, so that you can move beyond your trauma into a path of freedom, empowerment and thriving.

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