Do you know that you are worthy of all that is good? 

For a long time, the wounds I carried made me believe that my worth was dependent upon how I showed up. I had to get the A’s, achieve the goals, hit certain targets and always be helpful.

Shame dictated my sense of connection to myself, others, Spirit.

Through healing, I know now that your worth and my worth are not tied to outcomes.

Believing our worth is related to our performance, our productivity, and what we manifest as outcomes is deeply entrenched in the collective consciousness of our culture. It can keep you chasing new goals, new people, places, and things without feeling an authentic fulfillment once accomplished. All the “wins” may fill you up momentarily but you’ll keep needing more, when you live within this conditional relationship to your worth.

Retrieving my connection to my true self through intentional healing helped me discover that:

You and I are pure divinity in a body.
Your worth and my worth are non-negotiables.
I do not need to earn “G-d’s favor”, nor do I need to earn worthiness. I do not need to accomplish “this or that” to be enough. I am unconditionally enough, I am worthy, I am divine.
Outcomes will come and go.
It can be super exciting when you realize a dream or bring a goal to life! But when you live in deep connection to yourself as divine, you connect with your gifts and bring them to life and the entire journey is a flow that blesses you richly before, during, within, including, beyond all outcomes.
From this place, your gifts, your wounds, your challenges, your accomplishments, your being are all equally treasured as part of the whole.
As divinity in plain clothing, you and I are here to remember who we are, embody this truth, bring our gifts to life, create from these treasures, heal, love and serve.