For as long as I can remember, I’ve been receiving guidance from high level beings including Angels, Masters and Divine Guides. These guides have saved my life, taught me about esoteric concepts, brought me through layers of awakening, guided me into extraordinarily fulfilling experiences and urged me to serve as a shamanic medium nearly two decades ago.

For a long time, they have been giving me information about the world’s evolution and details about world events. So much of what they told me so long ago, has not only happened, some of it is happening now.


We are in a time of significant change.

These benevolent helping Spirits have shown me how the myths built upon the ego’s delusion of separation from Source are collapsing. The systems that create “us and them” by giving privilege to some and not all, and allowing these imbalances to be justified, are no longer sustainable.

For the world’s peaceful harmony to be restored, humanity must shift its consciousness. This is currently happening on the planet. It is happening on a global scale – human consciousness is evolving into a higher consciousness. And it is happening on a very personal, individual scale. We are all being opened to a higher state of being.

Part of this process includes the illumination within soul. As pulses of light are radiating into our luminous energy field to be integrated into our consciousness, we will feel it.

  • Some will feel like they are waking up.
  • Some may feel like their tastes, needs and dreams are changing.
  • Some will feel like their intuition and psychic abilities are coming on line.
  • Others may experience physical, mental, emotional or spiritual crisis cracking them open.

All of this can be very stirring for many and create a sense of instability, confusion, isolation and a need for deep change in one’s life — I spoke about this in my FB live last week, on March 8, 2019.But this isn’t a time to be fearful. Its a time for healing, growth and expansion of light, when we consciously and compassionately embrace this shift.

On a global scale, the darkness is surfacing to be seen in the light of day. This means, the deceptions of the shadow are being exposed. We see before us, leaders, icons, religious figures and systems being called out for their lies and manipulations. And we are being asked to see the truth in full-view. To learn from it. To grow through it.

On a personal level, our individual shadows are also being exposed. As we embrace more light, the shadow surfaces to be healed and transformed. This means we face where we are holding on to what no longer serves us; where we are resisting change. We are also being asked to examine where we lie to ourselves and others, where we are out of integrity. We too, are being helped to come home to our true selves and create inner balance.

How has your spirit been urging you to make changes that perhaps you’ve resisted?

Where are you hiding, holding back or clinging to patterns that do not serve your highest good?

These shifts in consciousness can happen more readily when we attune to our higher-selves and compassionate hearts and open to see our light AND shadow in full view. We embrace our exquisite divinity. And without shame or judgment, we greet our wounded selves and come to know our pain body that holds our false beliefs and limiting patterns. We heal with deliberateness and then, consciously choose anew.

Right now, the shadow is bombarding us daily. Because its been sustained for so long, our true selves can no longer tolerate any place where we are out of alignment. We will see it outside ourselves as the mirror urging us to transform on the individual level. We are invited into an authentic, fearless and searching conscious inventory of ourselves.

Ethics, boundaries, integrity are as essential as compassion for our health and balance to emerge. Whatever lies we tell ourselves that keep us spinning in dysfunction and continuing to feel isolated, stuck, lost and bewildered, must be seen and healed without shame. Shame is the dictate of the ego – it uses it to keep our myths in place. Denial or resistance are the compatriots of shame. Compassion will open your heart and allow you to see where your wounded self has kept you hostage, so you can transcend the patterns that hold you back. Compassionate integrity is the vibration that transmutes suffering into light.

Listen to your soul’s impulses. Your soul will never rationalize deception. It will never guide you to steal, lie, manipulate. It will never make excuses for you or your leaders. Your soul will always guide you to truth, honor, integrity and wisdom. It will urge you to call out the lies you hear within yourself and within others. Your soul’s impulses will set you free, when you slow down and honor its guidance.

As we move through these intense pulses of change, it is essential to weave exceptional self-care into your process. Deep reflection, healing and growth must be balanced with restoration and integration. Be impeccable with your words, thoughts and deeds toward yourself and others. When you slip and fall along the way, ask for help. Breathe and ride the waves. Reach into your soul and allow the Divine Helpers to step-in to assist your evolution. Connect with others who are working honestly through their evolution too.

You are not alone. You were born at this time for a reason. Open to the shifts consciously and compassionately. Participate in these change personally and when inspired, take action within your communities. Let go of fear. Connect to your heart and soul. And blossom.

The world awaits your illumination.