As we enter the Thanksgiving holiday, I want to express my gratitude for all of you. It is my deep honor to serve you throughout the years as a bridge between worlds and I thank you for entrusting me with this sacred privilege!

I also invite you to pause and tune inward, to breathe deeply into your body and elongate your exhale right now. Use your breath to calm your body and become the compassionate witness of your being and connections with life today and throughout the holiday. Remember that Spirit is ever present. Through your presence, you can attune to the exquisiteness of this knowing and hold dear, those who are in Spirit and all those who are with us in physical form. Pause, reflect upon all that is good in your life. Breathe deeply into this awareness and feel the bounty that blesses you and allows you to bless others.

Remember too, that we have the power to be a force of loving light in all that we are and do. Focus on what bonds you to your loved ones this season. Remember to move beyond discordant energies that seek to keep us disconnected and lost. Do not give that energy power. Instead, see through your heart as you connect with friends and family. Aim your loving essence into your cooking, conversations, listening and sharing. Use the Spirit of this holiday and the season to focus on the highest, immutable truth: love is the eternal true essence of all that is.

Awaken your innate compassion for one another, witness with awe the beauty of your loved ones and remember, we are all children of the same Divine Universe.

Again, thank you for your presence in my life. May you feel the loving presence of Spirit enfolding you throughout the holiday and always. And may you and yours be showered in abundant blessings.